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Histogram Review Function
« on: February 23, 2015, 05:10:02 PM »
Many photographers, ie using mirrorless cameras, are benefiting from real-time EVF histograms and blinkies/zebras. That is using these two tools to help set exposure.

With ML in LV we have the similar/same ability.

However, the EVF (ignoring RAW vs JPEG histogram benefits) has a real advantage. For those with 'old' eyes and/or for the time you are shooting in bright conditions, ie the ML LV ETTR hints (text) and histogram are small and sometimes difficult to see.

What I wonder/hope is that the developers can build in an LV feature, where the user can customize the size (and position?) of ETTR feedback, or toggle it on and off or between different sizes; ie for many/all photographers, once we have composed/focused the scene, and our sensor is looking at the right place, the LV image of that scene is irreverent. What is important is information on the long as you can see it.

Thus my hope is that when in ML-LV, we can have an ML feature that gives us much larger text about such things as ETTR, ie hint etc, and a much-much larger view of the RAW hstogram.

As usual I freely end with all the caveats: I love ML, I'm not a coder, and I hope some coder can relate to what I'm looking for.