[WINDOWS] simple right clic menu mlv dump batch

Started by piloui, February 17, 2014, 12:25:15 AM

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Now it works, I decided to apply the %%~na\%%~na_ as in the original command to my application and changed a couple of things around.  tbh..  I dont know what it does but it works ;)

New command for a single file to create a directory and to dump the dng files to that directory.

@echo off
md "%~n1"
"E:\Downloads\00-ML\15-mlv-dump\000000-1-11-2017-utilities\mlv_dump.exe" -o %~n1\%~n1_ --dng %~n1.MLV

You need to replace the "E:\Downloads\00-ML\15-mlv-dump\000000-1-11-2017-utilities\mlv_dump.exe" with your "path-to-the mlv_dump.exe" file.
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Yes the addition of  %~n1\%~n1_ puts some relative directory notation since now mlv_dump reports this as follows:

MLV Dumper v1.0

Mode of operation:
   - Input MLV file: 'M07-1616.MLV'
   - Enforcing 14bpp for DNG output
   - Convert to DNG frames
  - Output into 'M07-1616\M07-1616_'
File M07-1616.MLV opened
File M07-1616.M00 not existing.

Vertical stripes correction:
  1.00000  1.00545  1.00450  1.00774  1.00655  1.00670  1.00664  1.00230
Cold pixels : 0
Reached end of chunk 1/1 after 342 blocks
Processed 161 video frames

Edit:  so that is the extent of my coding contribution.  :D
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Total newb to this so I appreciate the help.  Is it possible to add a line so it creates a folder and extracts to a specific location on another drive? That way I can extract it directly from the cf card to the drive/folder where i have my dng files? Thanks.


Hi there,

Glad to see this post making his way !

I don't have the time to improve the batch for now but i can assure you that i am not pro at all and it's very easy as finding exemple on web and almost copy/paste what you need.

For the custom path extraction, im sure you can try something like i've done at the time of mlvfs. Some pop up to choose directory like explain here :

Is there some 14 bit lossless compressed mlvs download somewhere please ? I dont have a 5D MK3 for my part.



I replaced the MLV_dump file with the newest one from 4k Crop Experiements. And after doing so I cannot get it to Batch Convert the selected MLV's. I am not sure if I have overseen something, its quite awhile since I made the original "Send To" 01_mlv_dump.cmd so perhaps I did something different, but all the codes posted in this thread here, are not working for me anymore.

Even though I select 40 MLV's it only converts the first one and then stops, I have to send each MLV individually to 01_mlv_dump.cmd. Thats a lot of manual work and waiting when you have about 400 MLV's to convert.

I also had and issue with the "send to" 01_mlv_dump.com when right clicking would disappear and when I looked in the "send to" folder the .cmd was gone, this happened randomly 3 times yesterday, seemed as if when I went AFK for awhile, the "send to" cmd would delete itself? It has not deleted itself again and works as supposed to except for no batch conversion. But its not deleting itself anymore. But still just converting 1 MLV at a time. Just some FYI incase it has something to do with my issue.

this is the code I use:
@echo off
md "%~n1"
"C:\XXXXXX\Video Program\MLV_Dump on Steroids\mlv_dump.exe" -o %~n1\%~n1_ --dng %~n1.MLV

Can someone chime in on what might be wrong? 

Or any other information needed from my side.

Win 8.1 64 bit
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Walter Schulz

May I ask about the "Send to ..."-gone issue?

You have to recreate the send to item each time?
Or "Send to ..." item is still there and CMD was deleted?

If later: Is CMD thrown into Recycle Bin or infected isolation area of your virus protection suite?


No it was gone in Right Click drop down and in the "Send to" Folder.

But it was not everytime. I would be able to convert a few mlv's and then it was gone, I think one time during the meticulous Right Clicking and waiting and after being AFK for awhile not touching the computer.

No, no file in the Recycle bin. And no quarantine.

edit: is the code right? maybe a 'Space' too much some where?
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I started playing with Renatophotos script a little and came up with something that works with all flavours of mlv files and should also work with DaVinci resolve outputting cdng files. I´m using ml-dng code(dmilligan) mixing g3gg0 code from crop_rec_4k branch and a lot of stuff from Bouncyball.
I am certainly not a windows guy but thanks to dfort really nice cygwin tutorial I got compiling on windows working so I thought we could start off something here.
Please test and report if things are working or not. Be careful :P

There is a howto file in the download but it´s easy. Put MLV files next to batch_mlv. Double click batch_mlv file to start processing. mlv_dump is placed inside the bin folder.
User can put in any mlv_dump in the folder(inluded is the same mlv_dump code as in cr2hdr.app for mac). For example Bouncyball badass mlv_dump for steroids or true original mlv_dump from g3gg0.

batch_mlv(thanks to Renatophoto)


andy kh

Can't wait to try this. Unfortunately im out of station
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I wanna give you one word: Amazing!

I love how the MLV's are put in to the 'Originals' folder when they complete their conversion.

Its fast, I am on a laptop converting on a 2 TB WD external drive and its not hogging the drive down. I can easily preview the other files simultaneously as it is converting. All the other Dumps seemed quite "Drive heavy" as I could barely preview a single DNG in photo viewer. Now I am running MLRawviewer and Photoviewer like it was no tomorrow.

And no Vertical Stripes!

I have not tested how resolve handles the file names.

I'll let you know as I use it more, what my experience is, but so far its the answer to my prayers.

Edit: So far it is eating everything that I throw at it. Vanilla MLV's, lossless mlv's, 3.5k Crop, 5x3 slow mo, 3x3 slow mo, 3x crop.. There is no stopping this!
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I have tried mlvconverter. Unfortunately, in my case if I added a folder with a lot of MLV's, after converting anything between ~5-15 MLV's it would spew out blank folders. In that post you say "update exiftool too", why is that? That is the only step I have not done, is that causing blank folders?

I know you digg Prores, so that seems like a good method for you, but I don't work with intermediates from start. I just want Cinema/DNG's from the get-go and I want it to be straight forward, in batches, no fiddling around and no Vertical Stripes.

And MLVconverter is heavy on the drives, I travel constantly, so I work with a laptop more or less all the time and therefore a lot of my conversions are done on external drives. With MLVConverter I could barely touch anything on the drive while it was running.

I suggest you try this script for its ease and efficiency, it does exactly what its supposed to; batch processes anything you throw at it.
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Great that it worked out for you Kharak. Remember that if you want to add parameters like compression, chroma smoothing and such you can do this inside the batch_mlv file. There´s a little description how inside.
Now I want to add mlv_dump time metadata to the folder name file and I realise how spoiled I have been with grep, awk on mac which make grabbing file info a breeze compared to how it´s done in windows. If anybody interested maybe I could get some help/hints for windows. On mac it goes something like this
mlv_dump -v INPUT.MLV | grep 'Date' | head -1 | awk '{print $2}' | tr '.' -
Gives me this for example:


Instead of "grep" use "findstr" :)

findstr /? for help

There is also win version of grep (you have to get it separately) but keep closer to the M$ ideology :P


Also check "for /?" instead of basic stuff with AWK


Yes. Got that actually working spitting out the numbers like following:
for /f "tokens=2 delims=;= " %%P in ('mlv_dump.exe -v %%~na.MLV ^| find "Date"') do ( set num=%%P)

Now I want that value to replace dots "." With "-" but that also seems like friggin science ;)



Time stamp in folder name now working. Did some rearranging in mlv_dump code. Much easier than working dos prompt  :P


I can not get this latest version of mlv_dump to work, it says "...cygwin1.dll is missing from your computer..."

I run WIN 8.1, maybe something to do with that.

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ok, I had those before too when compiling. It´s not compiling as it did before. I will have to revert to the old one again until it´s fixed. Aaah, windows. WHat can go wrong will go wrong...
Thanks for reporting.


Ok here we go again. Working build

If you can´t beat windows, call a friend. "Stubhunter" dfort compiled my latest code and sent me a binary. I did a classic reinstall of windows and somewhere among all the updates the 32bit cygwin version wouldn´t allow for install through the nice scripts in dfort´s cygwin tutorial. Long story short. I failed trying to solve it this time. If I ever get over this shortlived windows rendévouz I might get back up the saddle again but don´t count on it  :P
Please test and report. Maybe someone could open up a sequence in DaVinci resolve?


Did another small change to the script.
I wonder if there's any interest in an automated darkframe processing. Could check into some solution for this if so.




yes, please please!

On another note, I am having major connection issues, it drops out constantly, so much that this is the first time I got in on ML forum since yesterday morning. I cannot download any of your new builds as it drops out and cancels.

I did put DNG's from your first version in Resolve and they all came in, in the right order! I never had that from any other converter, so for me that seems to be A-ok. But I don't know if you are aiming more for correct TC.

edit: Got the new build! 8)
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