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Started by chmee, May 17, 2014, 01:34:38 AM

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500D is on dfort's builds.

For 1100D, please run the VRAM dumps sequence as well, in all video modes (details here).



Gonna bring the 1100D home and check into it asap...

Thanks Walter, dfort saved the "500D"-day


Was about to take an overexposed pic with a 1100D since I noticed there was a 1100D build in the experiments section. Unfortunately it gives tcc error undefined symbol. Pretty tired atm and not really into how to fix this.


Just VRAM dumps are fine, without loading any modules.


Noticed you updated allocate-raw-lv-buffer.

Here's a silent DNG for 1100D from that branch (skip offsets are wrong I guess)
And zoom (photo):


As requested from

here a sample 14bit dng from a 650D.104.!OlFnXLKY!gMXfH7JmxRODOsqS9Klvsao3Yd02kj4SwteyY-rHOgg

using magiclantern-raw_video_10bit_12bit.2017Jan13.650D104

no other modules loaded
over exposed still frame from a short mlv.
extracted using mlv_dump --dng --no-fixcp --no-stripes *.MLV

The tearing from earlier builds has now gone which is great.

Amazing work - many thanks.


Hi. I will try to provide some 50d footage the coming days.


Hi, Chmee!
I'm that guy who asked you 3 and then another 3 questions)) About "why your tool stays stable neutral". and you've said - put footage into the ml samples thread.
So, here I am.

Problem description:
ML menu MOVIE -> Image Fine-tuning
about this menu - subtle image enhancements via DIGIC register tweaks
So, any changes I make in this menu make zero impact on my footage via RAW2CDNG tool.

I've made a cheesy blockbuster for everyone to enjoy))
starring: ML menus, CDNG, my thumb and why-meme in the final scene  :o

All Image Fine-tuning settings are OFF
Black level +100 (reddish shadows)
ML digital ISO -2
ML digital ISO +1

Lowering ISO below CANON's 100 is a very useful feature!
Making shadows reddish is also nice :D
Shutter fine-tuning - it is hard to overestimate the benefit of this option! (didn't put it into test since it's hard to tell the difference via my youtube blockbuster).

Using magiclantern-crop3x.2017Jan13.5D3113

PLEASE, Chmee, figure it out.


I've read the request for samples in a 50D thread, so hope i can do something  back.

Hacks On
No Crop

If you want me to test another a other build or a 5D2 build, i'm testing a few lenses so it no problem.
I needed i'll post some samples with a higher colour range.


Surin Dmitriy

Quote from: Danne on December 18, 2016, 08:34:18 PM
Some short samples of 10bit, 12bit, 14bit filmed with a 5D mark III

10bit MLV(mlv_lite)

12bit MLV(mlv_lite)

14bit MLV(mlv_lite)

All of these samples after conversion have the first black frame. I have first good frame when converting original 14 bit mlv (non mlv lite). Does anybody confirm that?


I get no black frames. Converting with mlv_dump. How are you processing your files?
Could be an idea to test with later filmed material. These files are from an early version of mlv_lite.


Hi everyone ! I am in the process of creating a new tool for this community to edit videos with Magic Lantern Video files .MLV

We need some MLV samples files from different cameras and firmwares / ML builds to make our tests but most of the links posted here seem to be dead  :(

Could anyone reupload them ?

And if anyone also has test files with .m00 .m01 etc. files and sidecar audio files it would be great too. It's been a few years I did not use MLV

Thanks !


You're replying to a 4 year old thread, it's unlikely the people who uploaded the originals will notice.  You might have better luck asking for new samples.  Presumably you have a cam with ML yourself so can make some MLV files already.  It would be helpful if you described why you need additional MLV files.

Are you aware of MLVapp?  This may do some of what you want, or it might make sense for you to add to that project, instead of starting from scratch.


Thanks names_are_hard

I replied here since it is a Sticky topic but you're right I will create my own thread it's better suited.

I know about some others app to process .MLV but I'm sure we have interesting stuff to release for the community, in addition

EDIT : posted here