Kenya Safari camp promo

Started by bart, June 12, 2012, 07:35:55 PM

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Here is a promotion video I made for the Mara Eden Safari camp. There is a nice HDR timelapse in it.


Gawd, did you capture those deep depths of field with no aliasing using a dslr?


Nice observation. For deep focus shots I use 2 options. One is timelapse (HDR when sun is in the shots). With moving people I use the Sony HX9v. Wide video on my Canon 600d and my current lensset doesn't look good. Mixing superdetailed timelapse footage with 600d softy video is not a good idea. Small chip videocameras do way better when shallow DOF doesn't matter.  So I use the best of both.
I also used the HX9v for the wildlife shots. With a tiny suction cup ball head on the window of the car. The camera has a great stabilizer and 16x zoom. The autoexposure is ok for horizontal movement, but vertically it makes all kind of exposure switches. And you can operate it with more people in the car and still keep the experience pleasant for everyone. Moving with a big dslr and lens is just not an option for a pricy savanna trip.

robinson brothers

This is so very good work here! wow.