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Canon 7D latest ML update

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ted ramasola:
the and other mlv prefixed modules is not included on the nightly zip.

Solved, thanks for pointing out.

ted ramasola:
Testing the feb 16 ML nightly.

Missing items according to Tabs, (my list is based on what I think is important in video only, not photo).
   Headphone controls
   FPS Over ride (needed for crop modes and low light/timelapse like effects)
   Digic peaking while recording

Tested Items:
Movie restart feature in h264- OK working (1 sec gap bet 4gig clips)

Rec start/stop delay - 1.5 sec

Crop mode- No FPS override so only at 30 fps. At 1728x972 : 37 seconds

Batch tests of 7 clips each
Sequencing of Batch test is as follows;
-Format CF in-camera
-Make menu changes if any
-Reboot cam
-rec clip1
-rec clip2
-view a file in file mgr
-reboot cam
-rec clip3
-rec clip4
-turn off and on live view
-rec clip5
-turn on crop mode
-rec clip6
-rec clip7
-turn off and offload to PC
-repeat process.

Batch1- Icon-ON,Reserve -OFF,GD-Allow
Clip4- 1st frame corrupt/pink

Batch2- Icon-OFF,Reserve-OFF, Rec/StbyNotify-On,GD-Allow
All Clips1-7 Has corrupt /pink frames

Batch3- Icon-OFF, Reserve-OFF,Rec/StbyNotify-OFF,GD-OFF
Clip1- 2nd frame corrupt/pink the rest clean

Batch4- Icon-ON,Reserve-ON,GD-OFF
Clips1-7 ALL Clean ok.

Batch5- Same as batch4 to confirm clean clips
Clips1-7 ALL Clean ok.

Batch6- Same as batch4 to confirm clean clips
Clip5- 1st frame corrupt/pink

ted ramasola:
Testing the Feb 17 ML nightly

Same missing items as mentioned in Feb 16 test.

Batch tests 7 clips each (same sequence as mentioned in Feb 16 test.)

Batch1- GD- alloq, Icon- ON, Reserve-ON
Clip3- 2nd frame corrupt/pink and 6" into recording
Clip6- 19th frame corrupt/pink
Clip7- 3rd frame corrupt/pink

Batch2- GD-OFF,Icon-ON,Reserve-ON
Clip1- greenish shadow areas entire clip.
Clip5- 2nd frame corrupt/pink

Batch3- GD-OFF,Icon-OFF,Reserve-ON
Clip3- 1st frame corrupt/pink

ted ramasola:
discussion on 7D ML updates shall be continued on the stickied thread on the 7D.

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