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Canon 7D latest ML update

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Hi Guys,

Honestly I'm fairly noob with ML. I've been using it for about a year now on my 7D with alpha 2 but I think it's due for the latest build.

Trouble is I just can't figure out where to start looking for the latest build.

I have looked through the forums and there are many threads but it is just confusing me between all the nightlies and fairly stable releases. I'm not 100% comfortable with the nightlies due to the possibility of bricking the camera.

Can someone please either link me to a specific spot or post it here the newest and most relatively stable/reputable release?

Thanks heaps


These are not ML builds.

For now it's not possible to have ML with the news functions in your 7D but i think soon will be possible.

So, for the time there is no official ML build with RAW-Video support? I am very confused as I saw many people posting RAW videos with their 7D on youtube...


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