Music video 5Dmk3 ML RAW

Started by zeemonkeeman, August 27, 2013, 01:30:30 PM

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Hey everyone!
Just wanted to share some stills from music video i'm workin on. My first video to be exact. Gonna finish it real soon i hope, there's only a bit of live action left to shoot but i got a lot of other things goin on so... I'll try to upload some footage later this week. Everything shot on 5Dmk3 ML RAW using raw2cdng processed in AE CS6 and partly in Resolve Lite.
The video is for russian metal band called "Reborn" (song called "Your Life Beats In Hands"), they realising their first album later this year, so if you like this kind of music they totally worth hearing.

A little loop -


Alright i finally got my hands on the video and finished it. Took me longer than forever but i had a whole bunch of non-video stuff to take care of.
It's out on saturday - 88monkeez on youtube or try my blog but i guess i will post here too just in case.
For now here a little teaser. Quality is crap but it's for Intagram originally so...


Looks promising! I might turn the volume off to watch, but the visuals seem well-defined.


Here it is finally finished!
The very best video I've ever shot in my life! (Cuz it's the very first video i shot in my life you know)
So take a look and share your thoughts.

P.S.: the point of all this was to try and shoot as much different stuff as possible, so do not expect to find much sense in all the moves most of the time we were just having fun me and my friends.

Directing, camera, light, vfx, edit by Jin Thierstein.


Nice work zeemonkeeman!  Some cool shots and post fx.  I especially like the 70s film vibe on the narrative portion of the video.  Did you use film convert in AE?

I've been using the 5D MKII and have found the camera to respond quite well with ML RAW.  Did you notice any odd or inconsistent behavior (dropped frames, corrupt files, strange artifacts, lockups, etc.) while filming with the MK III?  The fact that there don't seem to be any line skipping aspects and you can shoot full 1080p, seem to make it a no brainer.

Anyway, congrats on the video and keep up the good work.  If you have a minute, you can view one of my short films on this site:


The black and white grade look excellent. Could you tell us how we might get that same look