Tripped out glitchy pink RAW footage. Any way to fix?

Started by denmarkdavis, August 12, 2017, 10:22:04 AM

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Sporadically, when shooting RAW, I get these tripped out artefacts. It's usually the first shot from when the camera boots (once the issue stops it doesn't come back until I turn the camera off/on again).

Any idea how to troubleshoot this or what the issue is? I've searched around and can't find an answer. I'm recording raw @ 60fps, so perhaps it's just because I'm maxing the camera out ... Testing 25fps 1080 today.



Anyone who could help is probably going to need more info. What camera? What settings? What ML build? What post tools?


@all new magic lantern users --No one will respond or commit on any problems unless you provide important Camera info & workflow as @cmccullum posted
The best way would be to post the content of the Setting file on the CF/SD Card in the ML folder . Or better yet use the search box -- more then likely
your problem has been ask & answered many times and if nothing comes up try Google (you would be surprised how many answers I found that why)