What is/does the Idle? (Recording RAW)

Started by LouKang, February 11, 2014, 08:14:26 PM

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Hi there,

I'm new on here  :D First up, thank you to whoever made ML possible and is working on it!

Been shooting on a 550D for years, also with ML then switched to the 5D MarkIII and now finally the ML RAW Hack. I work on Film and Musicvideos professionally and tried to get all the Info needed without bothering people like you who know a whole lot more about ML than I do. But now I want to make sure I'm not missing something that could (maybe) cause me some problems in production.
I have an upcoming nature shoot where I want to try and get the best out of my 5DMarkIII and since I'm not shooting in my backyard i only have one shot at this. So my question is:

When recording RAW Video in 25fps 1080p I am able to do so continously, yet it still always says "Idle x%" right next to it. It usually starts around 6-8& and then drops throughout shooting to 2 or 1%.

But I just don't quite get what that means. Am I loosing frames here? I doubt it, since this usually causes the recording to stop,right? (dropped frames / keep recording is disabled!)
Or is this just and indicator telling me I'm fine. Is there something I have to know about this?

I wasn't able to find this answer with the search.
Thanks for your time and sorry for blabbering so much for one simple question. ;)

Walter Schulz

Or (in simple terms): If the processor has time to do nothing it's displayed as idle. If idle is zero it means the processor has no spare time and this will likely cause troubles.
Shorter: No idle = bad.



So having idle displayed at any percentage basically means I'm doing ok.

Thank You very much!