Author Topic: BACKUP.RAW is back again  (Read 1985 times)


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BACKUP.RAW is back again
« on: November 06, 2014, 01:40:45 PM »
Hi everybody, i tried to search about this BACKUP.RAW file on the forum, but it redirect me to a topic that was almost 4 months old.. and nothing else so. Firstly, i am not really sure this is the right section where to post this. but, it came out while i was converting my RAW files just now.

Basically, Out of all the files i have got, one does not get coverted by raw2dng.exe. That file called: M05-2341.RAW. In the same folder i had than this: BACKUP.RAW file. Now, i think the two might be correlated, having not found anything relative, i was just wondering if anyone knew something more. :)

Thanks for everything, by the way!