Inspired by ML Menu Overlay "bug". Transparent ML Overlays when Recording Video?

Started by jas.brooks, January 30, 2014, 03:04:41 PM

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Hi Guys,

I noticed something when using ML on a shoot yesterday. I was using this build: "v2.3.NEXT.2014Jan16.5D3113", with these modules running "autoexpo", "ettr", "file_man", "pic_view", "raw_rec" - although I was NOT recording in raw.

EDIT ---- I was using a Zacuto EVF over HDMI when I made this discovery. I don't have my camera right now so am not able to verify if the same behaviour is exhibited using the built-in LCD display. ----- EDIT

I noticed that when you access the ML menu whilst the cam is rolling in LV (such that it is displays as a semi-transparent grey overlay), and then switch the menu back off, the display overlays at the top and bottom of the screen (audio levels, space remaining, shutter, aperture etc...), are no longer displayed on a black BG, but on the same "semi-transparent grey" as the menu which was just displayed. This only lasted until I next pressed 'Q' to adjust audio levels, which then caused it to revert back to normal flat black.

I suppose that technically this could be called a 'bug', but for me it was great to be able to see BOTH the overlayed information of the GUI, AND the exact top and bottom edges of the frame. This effect was in fact increased by also being able to see a small section of the 'out of frame' image top and bottom. This additional effect (common in many higher-end video cameras) seems to be created by the camera showing the whole sensor data, and not just the 16:9 that is being recorded.

SO (at long last), my feature request would be to implement a menu 'toggle' to switch this 'semi transparent overlay' mode ON/OFF. I think it would be preferred by almost all ML shooters once they've tried it!

If anyone thinks they can take this on, but needs more information about the precise config that created this effect in the first place, then please do let me know.



P.S. I do hope that I'm not stupid and have simply missed this option in the menus. I have spent a long time searching and testing to see if it already exists... :-)