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Started by Insecto, January 24, 2014, 09:16:43 PM

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Hey all,

With the focus stacking in ML, is it possible to independently control the shots taken with a wired remote cable, but still have the program automatically prepare for each shot? 

Walter Schulz

No (AFAIK). For what purpose do you need this feature?


I'm not clear what you're after exactly, but take a look at DSLR Controller ( It allows you to focus stack (and much more) from an Android device.
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Sorry if I was confusing!  Im wondering if its possible to have ML set up for a focus stack (ie: get the focus set for each successive pic) but instead of taking all the pics automatically, I'd like to be able to take each pic when I want with my wired release.  Often while I stack in the field the wind blows so I have to take each pic when the wind decides to take a break.


Yes, you can do this with my adv_int module and the 'external source' feature, however I think the version that includes that feature requires changes to the ML core that have not been merged, so you'd also need to build ML from this branch of my repo:

Basically you set the external source mode in adv_int, and then do a focus ramp with the keyframes. Each time you trigger the shutter, adv_int will ramp the focus.

Maybe I'll clean up some things and try to get this merged so you can just use my module with the nightly builds.


Glad to know that it's possible.  Problem is, I'm a complete noob when it comes to coding or what ever is required to modify ML.