POLL: What model to work on next?

Started by bart, June 14, 2012, 04:58:20 PM

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Malcolm Debono

Quote from: Chungdha on July 24, 2012, 02:51:58 PM
Still hit the 4gb problem though unless you use sxhc which it can also use. 16gb is rougly 48min. 4gb is 12min.

DSLRs also use SDHC but there's still the 4gb limit. If you're referring to SDXC cards, I haven't seen any which are less than 64gb, and this isn't the case since Canon specifically stated that "Continuous shooting can last up to 44 minutes on a 16 GB memory card".

Source: http://nofilmschool.com/2012/07/canon-announces-mirrorless-eosm-camera-extended-recording-times/
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The time contraints depend on what file system you format the card.
Can the Canon M read NTFS or extended FAT32?
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donated and praying for 1100D (T3) version  ::)


I think there are many users who have 350D, 400D, 450D and 40D.
This equipment has been discontinued but are still in the drawers of many millions of Canon customers.
Over time these became obsolete equipment. Many of its users would like to use them to make their first tests with ML. On the other hand, might serve to improve the potential of its old cameras. In many cases, they could use them to perform some types of photography that do not allow your new equipment. Thus they avoided damaging your most valuable equipment. Because they are equipment with a lower cost, it is normal that there are many. By supporting these models would benefit a greater number of users.
Developers to work on these models can also acquire useful knowledge to support the latest and most advanced models.


Quoteextended FAT32?

it probably uses exfat. NTFS in embedded things isn't likely.

400D has 400Plus, no point to put ML on it.


Quote from: coutts on July 25, 2012, 05:24:11 PM
EOS M :)
Although i wanted Canon to make it a bit better since mirrorless cameras are available since quite a bit now.
This would be the first ML camera to accept virtually any lens made.
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Quote from: dude on June 19, 2012, 01:00:09 PM
I definitely would donate again for that!

I'd be very happy to donate again if there was a specific fund set up to develop ML for Mk 3.
The Mk 3 has some great improvements over Mk 2 but the ML features in v. 2.3 would really bring it to a new level.
Hope there's some more news on this soon.



I bought my 550D and will be happy with it for a while. (and any future purchase will probably depend on it's ML compatibility)

  But I have a friend who recently purchased a 1100D, I didn't tell him about ML yet as there is no stable port. I think enabling ML for lower end cameras would greatly help newcomers, art students, and others. Especially since those cameras lack most features (newer camera have audio levelling and other nice features already).

   Of course why focusing on old hardware that is to be abandoned by canon and the user eventually can be questioned. I just think that lower end cameras aren't only used by people without skill but also by people without money. The 1100D port is on it's way already, so maybe the EOS M, 5DmkIII  or 650D next.
   They all use the same processor, so I see those being part of a new generation of ML. But maybe I'm foreseeing too much without actual knowledge ^^
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Hi developer team!

Please add the 650D next.
I think newcomers like me with this model would appreciate the use of Magic Lantern most.



P.S. Of course I've voted for the 650D ;-)


1100D/T3 would make an excellent 'newbie' cam, or indeed could be picked up cheaply and used to experiment on.


Quote from: Thomas650D on August 06, 2012, 01:56:01 PM
Hi developer team!

Please add the 650D next.
I think newcomers like me with this model would appreciate the use of Magic Lantern most.



P.S. Of course I've voted for the 650D ;-)

+1. I voted for 650D as well


Hi! I have a 60D and I love how ML works on it, have yet to try the 2.3 version though.

Also, I just bought a 650D as a backup body and I was hoping it could also have ML sometime soon. I hope Canon releases the much needed firmware update (so they can fix the HDMI issues and also return 3x factor) :P


Please work on getting a stable ML Version for the t4i. Can you manipulate the length of time you can record for in video mode because I would love to have the 29 min 59 seconds extended even further so I can use it as a locked down shot for weddings that would record start to finish?




5d classic please! although looking at the poll i guess if it happens it will be a while :/


hello my fellow friends of ML,

i've come to ask you nicely to start developing on ony digic 5 cam since the results should be easily portable to other cams of this "family".
I own a 650D and therefore would like to see ML running on this cam as soon as possible :)

the vote as been open now for ca. 2 months which should give a resonable average on users' needs.

to conclude the poll:
51,4 % (650D + 5D3) of all votes are for a digic 5 port of ML, prior of adding new features :)

sure, i would support the "more features gang" if i had a cam already running ML...
but please, open the door for lots of new users and potential devs by supporting new models.

best regards





650D Please!!!

Thank you very much for your hard work!