POLL: What model to work on next?

Started by bart, June 14, 2012, 04:58:20 PM

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In the next few weeks we will ask our visitors on what tasks we should prioritize.
We have limited development capacity and we let the community decide which route we should go next.

First we'd like to know what next camera to add to the Magic Lantern tree?

You can Vote on the download page.


I definitely would donate again for that!


1000d is half-ported and has LV so most ML features should work on it. I got the ground work out of the way a while ago :D



I think the 1000D/1100D would indeed be good to go, as these are affordable for the new blood :) of course no fancy "we provide anything for the über-professionals", still it's great when young and "poor" people have something useful to work with somehow.

Personally, I'm not interested in any of the new Canon Cameras, I'd like to see a teaming with the GH2... :)
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Malcolm Debono

Just read that the 650D has clean HDMI out, making it even more useful :)

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Malcolm Debono

No black bars visible on the sample shown at C5D, however they do mention some issues (no further details specified).
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I can't speak for the 1000D, but as far as the 1100D goes, it is actually a crippled 600D (or 650D, can't remember)  with a lower res sensor and limited HD recording capability. In fact, almost everything works on it.
The issue, as has been stated previously, is the strange display resolution (too low and with weird aspect ratio) that makes hard to read stuff on screen....
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I guess 1100D's weird aspect low res screen would make it a good candidate for ML enhancement, that is providing a better font to read!
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I donated some money towards 5D III development.  I do wish that, perhaps, someone from the development team could set up a donation page with so called "bounty" amounts for certain features as well as certain models, for example, the 5D Mark III.  As bounty amounts are met (or not), The Magic Lantern project could prioritize development milestones appropriately, and businesses could more easily donate money by funding specific bounties.


sounds like 1100d has the same screen (or similar, low quality one) as the 5dc, maybe some of the same things being used on the 5dc could help the 1100d.


I can´t find any way to vote on the download side.
Anyway, I guess many people  will like it if you always support the newest models. Actually the 5d martk3 and 650d.
But also many people don´t want to buy a new model every year. I think it would be good first to work on the existing models to make it  perfect and then ...
On the other side the new models may give you ideas how to solve older prolbems like the audio on the 600d - as long as you don´t forget the older ones I´m fine with you working on the latest products. Just go on like you did before ... great! :)

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So far each new port is an addition not a substitute for old camera, so I see no problems in having more camera supported, as already said new port can also be useful for other ports. more camera support will mean more dev interested also. I'm hoping 650D has the same audio chip of 600D (maybe also 5D3 why not?) another audio chip on those camera would not be so nice.
Having audio support on all camera capable would be great.
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Yea, even the monitoring. The Pre-Amp may suck but I have a different one that takes XLR input and I think I could get "acceptable" results. Cannon wasn't too nice switching the IC if it has the same or worse performance than 550D.


Quote from: Malcolm Debono on June 19, 2012, 06:25:29 PM
Just read that the 650D has clean HDMI out, making it even more useful :)


I have a t4i in front of me and the HDMI out is not clean when recording.  I don't know if it's clean otherwise.  If anyone would like me to test, let me know.  I have an Aja kipro I can test with.  I would love it if the HDMI could be made clean on the t3i.  That would be the best of all things, given that it has the 3x factor in video mode (t4i does NOT have this anymore). 



It is really annoying how Canon has crippled 1100D video functionality, they could have given us at least 24p! And also 1080p, but if that had happened there would be no reason to buy a 600D instead...

MagicLantern will be extremely useful for 1100D, so I think it should be given some priority for now:

Since the camera is limited to 720p, we'll need to set the bitrate as high as possible, since we need all the quality and less compression as possible, because everything will get magnified when playing in fullscreen or a HDTV. It also helps to maintain quality in order to sharpen and remove noise from the image on post processing later, otherwise we get extremely blurry videos.

When shooting in 1080p you can get off with some compression artifacts, but at 720p they get too obvious, specially on noisy scenes, where you'll get giant blocks of happy digital rainbow in darkened areas.
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I would love to see 650D get ML and if the issues with the "clean hdmi out" could be sorted, but i guess since 5dm3 has the same processor? that one would be just as good to start on and later port it to 650D which hopefully would'nt be to much of a hassle (but what do i know :)). If the hdmi out could be "fixed" to actually get a pure 1080 signal out would be sort of a gamechanger, especially on a lowbudget camera as 650D is.


good day, I would like an upgrade for my old lady would 450d luxury hopefully someone else has this desire would be nice


The 450D is running VXWorks as the 5DC and 400d so it may be tricky  :(
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Digital Guy

I've just read the awesome specs of the Canon EOS M mirrorless camera. It's specs are so close to the 60D/650D. It would be fantastic if ML could push the framerate up since there's no mirror flapping about.
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Have to say EOS M is litterally 550D without the mirror, viewfinder, allot of button and added a touchscreen.
Just too bad they left out the flipout screen but probably done that just to be able to upgrade to something in the next version or just to keep the price low or just so it would not compete with the 650D too much.

Michael Zöller

Canon does supply an EF to EF-M adapter, so one probably could even use ones EF lenses with the EOS M. Interesting...
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Malcolm Debono

According to Canon, the EOS-M doesn't seem to have any video length limit - you are only limited by the size of the card you use (for example with a 16gb card you can record roughly around 40 mins. of footage).
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Still hit the 4gb problem though unless you use sxhc which it can also use. 16gb is rougly 48min. 4gb is 12min.