raw mode makes unwanted cropped videos

Started by nightyluca, January 21, 2014, 10:47:53 AM

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Hi guys! Do you know if there's an issue that crop your video while recording in raw?
I'm not talking about the 5x mode. With my 50mm 1.8 lens on 5D MK 2 I see a certain portion of field in the live view while recording (without any zoom) and when I see the movie in AE it's like cropped.

e.g. If I frame a full body to fit perfectly into the liveview (staying into the gray bands too) when I convert to dng and open it into AE I see the body cut at the neck and knees.

All my magic lantern settings are off, except the raw mode and I film at 1280x720.

Any ideas? Thanks very much




You're recording 1280*720px, no more, no less.
You're visualizing the full LV buffer image which is larger.
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Ciao Guercio! It does make sense, and is there a way to put via software options a reference 1280x720 grid on live view to correctly frame what I see? Otherwise I'll always crop something without knowing what.


this all sounds a lot like what 1% and I talked about here last night.

I noticed I was not seeing the true display/framing of shooting raw at 720p24 Crop Mode on with GD on or off. He thinks Canon keeps trying to switch the display back to full view instead of staying at the view qw need fro framing purposes.


Yes I just read that you have the same issue; a mask on the live view with exact framing would be the best thing.