Workflow RAW-Video for Mac (HD from 5D3)

Started by schlemiel29, January 20, 2014, 11:50:05 AM

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I'm just experimenting with RAW videos on my Mac. I use raw2dng. After processing I get a mov file. In a special case it is too dark.

What would be the best way to correct this? Should I use the DNG files in the folder and let Photoshop correct them all in the same way, e.g. make them brighter? How can I batch them all?
After that I have to put them together again as a mov. Which app should I use?

How can I check, which color depth the mov has? Is it always 8 bit per color or is the created mov in a better quality than a "normal" mov of a 5DIII? What I mean is, does the superior quality of the raw remain in the mov or will it be reduced to 8 bit because this is the standard file format? If the quality is still better I could make the entire final mov brighter without touching the single DNG anymore.
Hope somebody did understand my thoughts!  ;D