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Made some improvements to memory management routines, and fixed some ML assumptions that were not true for newer Digic:

This means there's now a useful display of memory info for 200D.  Should be not hard to extend to other semi-supported Digic 6, 7, 8 cams:

Hello there!

Any source code for crop_rec? I need to know what stubs do 5D2 & 50D use for MEM_ENGIO_WRITE
in the process of moving right now , so all development  files are packed up , it was on bitbucket before they deleted it
Plus my FX pc mother board blow up , and it have all my files in a VM so it could be difficult getting them out of the old SSD .
Could be many mouths , not sure maybe fall .
Yay reddeercity, you're back!
........ If black bars are compulsory, would it be possible to anamorphically squeeze 1920x1080 into 1650x1080 for less wasted pixels in final 16:9 footage?
No , short answer .
It maybe possible , but I need to go thought the UART so I can research HDMI configurations and how to manipulate it
(I did get some good DM log file from previous research and this too
Understanding MotionJpeg & h264 routines for Digic 4 but need to go on a deep drive in the the motion jpeg chip where the HDMI comes from)
if I can understand the mjpeg chip calls totally with out guess work then we should have control & be able to write code to override the limitation
Lastly reddeercity, for all the useful stuff you do, I'm sure lots of people would donate to your coffee / computer parts fund by Paypal if you have one?
No , just donate to Magic Lantern so a1ex can come back sooner  :D
Just got my i7 10th Gen (10700K 16threads) up and running on Win10pro fresh load on the 21H1 update on a 1TB WD Black SN750 (MVMe SSD)
So I put the 2 file on my desktop (so the file where on my MVMe SSD) and run a quick test with the new MLV App 1.12 x64 , with default setting .
loaded up 2 files (crop_rec) 10 bit uncompressed 2600x1200 23.976fps no audio
and (3x3) 12bit uncompressed 1856x1044 23.976fps with audio 44.1KHz.
The crop_rec 2.6k playback run at 21-22 fps , the 3x3 payback with audio was real time , so 23.976 fps playback .
Being this CPU can be overclock , I left it at default clock speed (3.8 GHz) so I should get real time at 4k 10bit uncompressed when I overclock it .


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General Help Q&A / Re: Update file cannot be found
« Last post by Walter Schulz on June 13, 2021, 09:19:07 PM »
There is no ML for M50
And latest Canon firmware version for M50 is 1.1.0
Share Your Videos / Re: T4i TV Spot MLV 12 BIT
« Last post by Felipe on June 13, 2021, 08:14:12 PM »

This style reminds me in 70s/80s ADs, nowadays I would like to see this style in new ideas, that will make it greater!

Lighting up the toothbrush a little in post will make it more pleasing to eyes:

Dangerous if clipping, but Interesting opinion
Share Your Videos / Re: T4i TV Spot MLV 12 BIT
« Last post by Felipe on June 13, 2021, 07:15:57 PM »
Thank you all for your comments, Has been very rewarding to be able to shoot commercials on my Canon 650D-700D.
The combination of MLV RAW 12 bit and Nikkor AI lenses, shoot at 1736 x 976 resolution, processed in Davinci for color, Edited in Premiere
and at the end up-scaled 200% for 4k, using the UpRez plugin, gave very satisfactory results that has been appreciated by the customer.
Forgot to mention that the Mosaic VAF Filter is a must to avoid Aliasing and Moire. However if focal distance is not an issue Crop mode
Allows shooting without the mentioned filter with great resuls as is at the latest take.
Wait, how? I get 5fps if open in normal resolution, 10fps in low resolution. Everything disabled. My cpu is an i7 9th gen 2.6 ghz.
Open the clip with default settings and hit play. For fastest speed, use alexa preset, which disables a part of the processing. Are you on macOS or Linux? On Windows it will be a bit slower, because the OS is very hungry. (i7 Quadcore Desktop CPU on Windows will get a similar speed like a i5 DualCore Mobile CPU on macOS)
10fps on a i7? I get this on a Core2Duo for 1856x1044, 14bit.
Even on a 10 years old quadcore CPU you can have "close-to-realtime" playback in MLVApp when using default settings. For 1080p I get 22fps on my iMac2011. The more fancy features you use, the slower the processing will be.

Wait, how? I get 5fps if open in normal resolution, 10fps in low resolution. Everything disabled. My cpu is an i7 9th gen 2.6 ghz.
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