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Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon EOS 1300D / Rebel T6
« Last post by petabyte on June 04, 2021, 03:09:43 AM »
I'm working on getting Picture Transfer Protocol (USB) to enable the boot flag.
Here is a working demo:

It's highly unstable, and takes around 30 or so attempts in order to
get a OK response from the camera.

I've only been able to test it on the 1300D, but I think this
might work on all Canon DSLRs.
Thank you! It is interesting to look at 100% 1920x1080 crop from 1392*3x2340 or full 1392*3x2340 video.

There is no crop other than the 1,38x crop required for 24 fps continuous recording.  What you see is a 1920x1080 video downscaled from the original 4176x2340 resolution.  I could have downscaled the video to the standard 3840x2160 resolution, still retaining very high quality, but the file size of 1,8 GB would have exceeded my upload quota.   
Hi!  :)
Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I know about that issue and I also know why it is there... it exists because we just can sync audio to video when hitting the play button. So when enabling audio while playback, this function can't work. Maybe one day we have a better idea how to realize this...
Thank you! It is interesting to look at 100% 1920x1080 crop from 1392*3x2340 or full 1392*3x2340 video.
small "bug", if you mute/unmute during playback is on there's no effect. Not a big deal, more of an excuse to come say hi :)
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon EOS R / RP
« Last post by kitor on June 03, 2021, 04:04:19 PM »
Moar stuff!  8)

Turns out that there were a lot of property changes on Digic 8 generation (unconfirmed on DSLR, but applicable at least for R* and M50).

I started today's journey with fixing shutter counter. Guess what, new property is used...

At least this one was easy. Although I didn't find "total count" (the one that includes LV), but this was expected as R is LV all the time. Requires verification on D8 DSLR.
I also found another counter - which includes shots made in silent (electronic) shutter mode. I decided to add it to the menus as a new, currently R only feature  8)

Fixing Lens info was a more complex task. Turns out that multiple properties were replaced with two, called nicely LENS_STATIC_DATA and LENS_DYNAMIC_DATA

I had to work out new structures and make a new handlers for those. As you can see, they work. Confirmed on RF and EF lenses (latter both on Canon and Tamron lenses).
Changes for now are on in my repo on kitor_dev branch
Awesome dude. Will try the new build next week. Thanks so much.
Hi all,

A few days ago I filmed my daughter's highschool graduation party on the 5D3 using the April 1-st, 2021 experimental build by Danne.  I wanted continuous 4k/24 fps recording, that is why I decided to use the 1x3 anamorphic mode at 1392x2340 resolution, (crop factor of about 1,38). This mode provides continuous recording without card spanning or SD-overclock even if the scene is slightly overexposed.

Here is a short film from the event that is the result of 73 GB of RAW footage:

If you have a slow internet connection, please do not watch the video online but download it on your computer using the blue "Скачать" button in the bottom left.  Sorry for uploading just a 1080p version - no quota for more.

Gear used:
5DMkIII, EF 35/F2 IS, Gimbal Ronin SC

Post processing:  MLVApp v. 1.12, export to ProRes422LT

Video editing and adding music: Davinci Resolve 17.2 Lite

Overall, the above build has been extremely stable and reliable.  Good job, Danne !!!  I never had a single glitch while filming during the entire session, not a single corrupt frame either.  Was a little bit concerned about battery life since replacing the battery requires the camera to be taken off the gimbal but it turned out that one full battery charge was sufficient and I never had to replace the battery.  Focusing at 5x and 10x magnification goes really fast and is very accurate, the histogram shows accurate exposure too. 

As far as image quality is concerned, my daughter pulled out several stills from the clips at moments that she liked most and all her friends were amaized by the quality and the possibility to capture and extract precisely the candid moments from the shots.  Personally, I like the absence of moire and aliasing, as well as the rendering of finest detail.  You may not like my grading but I am not good at that.  The processing latitude of RAW video is enormous, even at 10 bits - so, there is a lot of processing latitude.  I think that if you do not mind the 1,38x crop factor, this anamorphic mode is the perfect choice for 4k event videography at 24 fps. 

Thanks for watching and please let me know your opinion on that.

Reverse Engineering / Re: DIGIC 8 DryOS Shell (drysh) investigation
« Last post by kitor on June 03, 2021, 12:27:35 PM »
readid 1 gives some lens details:

Code: [Select]
[LENS] ------------------------------------------
[LENS] LENSID[7:8] 53 b8
[LENS] LENSID[13:14] 18 88
[LENS] LENSID[16:20] 9c 7 42 40 ad
[LENS] LENSID[21:25] a9 34 fd d8 e7
[LENS] LENSID[26:30] c8 0 0 f9 c0
[LENS] LENSID[31:35] c1 d0 ff 28 1
[LENS] LENSID[36:40] f8 0 0 0 0
[LENS] LENSID[41:45] 0 0 0 0 0
[LENS] lens_id:                   0xeefe
[LENS] lens_id_ex:                0x102
[LENS] fl_wide:                   0x18
[LENS] fl_tele:                   0x69
[LENS] lens_serial:               0x68 0x3 0x0 0x48 0x9
[LENS] extender_id:               0xff 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0
[LENS] lens_firm_ver:             0x2 0x0 0x6
[LENS] field_vision:              0x0
[LENS] lens_type:                 0x3
[LENS] lens_name_length:          0x17
[LENS] zoom_pos_size:             0x3f
[LENS] focus_pos_size:            0x1f
[LENS] fine_focus_size:           0x1f
[LENS] av_d1p_lens:               0x1
[LENS] av_slow_enable:            0x1
[LENS] av_stop_div:               0x2
[LENS] av_max_spd:                0x262
[LENS] av_silent_spd:             0x3d
[LENS] av_min_spd:                0x1
[LENS] mount_size:                0x0
[LENS] lens_switch_exist:         0x1
[LENS] lens_is_switch_exist:      0x1
[LENS] lens_is_func_exist:               0x1
[LENS] af_speed_setting_available:0x1
[LENS] dafLimitFno:                      0xd
[LENS] distortionCorrectInfo:     0x0
[LENS] bcfInfo:                              0x0
[LENS] pza_exist:                 0x0
[LENS] pza_id:                    0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0
[LENS] pza_firm_ver:              0x0 0x0 0x0
[LENS] pza_firmup:                0x0
[LENS] d1Adp_count:               0x0
[LENS] d1Adp1_id:                 0x0
[LENS] d1Adp1_func1:              0x0
[LENS] d1Adp1_firm_ver:           0x0 0x0 0x0
[LENS] d1Adp2_id:                 0x0
[LENS] d1Adp2_func1:              0x0
[LENS] d1Adp2_firm_ver:           0x0 0x0 0x0
[LENS] demandWarnDispFromLens:    0x0
[LENS] demandWarnDispFromAdp:     0x0
[LENS] colorBalance:              0x1
[LENS] ------------------------------------------

lensmoni <number> gives some lens details too (eg 10 prints lens name)
Hardware and Accessories / Re: Lilliput 663 external monitor
« Last post by Walter Schulz on June 02, 2021, 01:38:47 PM »
For checking ML compatibility you can connect your 5D3 to a monitor/TV set with HDMI input. Your cam should do 1080i59.94 via HDMI and that won't be affected by recording resolution/frame rates.
Firmware 1.2.3 allows dual monitor, 1.1.3 will turn your cam's LCD off if HDMI connection is established.
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