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Raw Video Postprocessing / Vertical Lines on under exposed dark areas
« Last post by Boygetslost on January 21, 2021, 01:35:34 AM »

Does anyone have any advice on dealing with the vertical lines that appear in dark under exposed areas. Im trying to work with the noise floor of the 5d3 in 14 bit. So far I am handling/dealing with the chroma noise ok. But the vertical banding is very difficult to remove and if there a slight hint of it, really damages the sharpness when Youtube compresses it.

Is there anything I can do, I assume this is normal?

Has anyone got any advice with how to deal with this ?

(The lines are more noticeable in movement then in a still frame)


5D3, 14 Bit uncompressed 1920 x 1080
Build: crop_rec_4k_mlv_snd_isogain_1x3_presets_2020Dec11

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon EOS 1300D / Rebel T6
« Last post by petabyte on January 21, 2021, 12:14:07 AM »
I ran a ROM dump on my 1300D and have been playing with it in QEMU. Seems to work flawlessly despite
a bunch of errors being spit into the console.
I compiled some of heder's changes, but can't figure out how to run the autoexec.bin in QEMU.
General Help Q&A / Re: 5D Mark2 Slowmotion
« Last post by Skinny on January 20, 2021, 11:55:30 PM »
You can shoot 48fps max by now, and slow it down 2 times with something like twixtor or optic flow... this way you will get a result like it was shot in 96 fps. Sometimes it would work, sometimes not.
If there is a lot of fast motion in a frame, then twixtor won't help. But even then, if you only need two seconds of slow-motion, then you can probably get away with it, just select the part without artifacts, it could work even if it was a very dynamic scene.
Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon EOS 1300D / Rebel T6
« Last post by petabyte on January 20, 2021, 08:21:15 PM »
There is also another branch,
It got its last commit 1 year ago whereas
seems to be last committed 2 years ago.
General Help Q&A / Re: 5D Mark2 Slowmotion
« Last post by Walter Schulz on January 20, 2021, 06:49:13 PM »
Feature Requests / Re: Clean HDMI for T7/2000D?
« Last post by Walter Schulz on January 20, 2021, 06:46:23 PM »
You tried setting lens to MF?
Scripting Corner / Re: MUlti Shot Image Capture script
« Last post by garry23 on January 20, 2021, 05:43:03 PM »
In this post, I'm releasing a silent exposure bracketing feature in MUSIC:

As usual I welcome any feedback to make MUSIC 'better'.
General Help Q&A / Re: Canon cameras running ML that shoot 60fps?
« Last post by Walter Schulz on January 20, 2021, 01:19:12 PM »
Most of them. Just read Canon specs. Of course Rebel T2 can not because it is a film camera.
Canon specs for EOS M

Movie Resolution:
1920x1080 (30p/​25p/​24p)
1280x720 (60p/​50p)
640x480 (30p/​25p)
Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon EOS M
« Last post by Danne on January 20, 2021, 12:51:47 PM »
Interested to why you are getting freezes? What build are you using and what settings? When recording h.264 it should be as stable as without magic lantern.
I am yet to find proof that image will get better cranking this setting. I do not think it will make a difference using this setting. Not when I tested it. Better yet to film raw if you want some real magic to happen.
Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon EOS M
« Last post by NateM on January 19, 2021, 10:25:52 PM »
Hello! After purchasing an EOS M in late 2020 (under the influence of DSLR Video Shooter and Zeek's YouTube videos) I began learning ML. I successfully shot some raw clips and was impressed by the dynamic range when color grading. But extremely frustrated by the camera frequently freezing or the video preview being nonexistent.

I honestly had given up on ML until I came across this video ( I was amazed that the filmmaker had been able to make the shots look sharp and there was almost zero noise in the night scenes. In the description he mentioned it had been shot in h.264 not raw.

So I dove back in ML on my EOS M and realized maybe he had just cranked the CBR to 3x and maxed out the data he could record in h.264. I tried it and loved the fact the camera was more reliable and the clips played back just fine. But then I wanted to confirm that the data rate was actually 3x. I struggled to find the manufacturers bit rate for 1080p at 24fps for the EOS M.

But I found that the T4i shared the same exact sensor and that camera records 1080p at 24fps at a vbr of 48 mbps (See the second photo). So I analyzed the clips I recorded on my camera (1080p at 24fps) with a CBR set at 3x and the bit rate was only 55 mbps (see image). Then I recorded another clip with the CBR turned back to 1x with the same settings. And the bit rate was 47 mbps.

So my question is 55 mbps the max bit rate on the EOS M in H.264? And do we think his video had good image quality simply because he used fast glass and a CBR instead of a VBR?

On a side note I have been renting the new Canon R6 for professional photo and video work and it has been amazing.


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