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Oh, I'm not hoping to get more details with out of focus lens, my point is just to say that I can't find any good method to get detailed continuous videos from 60D.
crop_rec and derived builds / Re: Levas' crop_rec_4k experiments for 6D
« Last post by Levas on May 07, 2021, 12:24:09 PM »
Hello and welcome to the forum,

Point 1, yes that is possible, but not for higher resolution options in crop_recording.
           -So if you want normal liveview with exact composition, max resolution is 1824x1026 (the same resolution Canon uses for normal 1080p mov recording)
There is one thing though, for continuous raw recording you need more.
You need the SD_UHS module activated (available in the latest build for 6d in this forum) and a SD card that can handle the write speed needed.
Your card must be able to have a write speed of about 90Mb/s. Not all cards have the ability to write at ~90Mb/s.
The Sandisk extreme pro UHS-I U3 V30 170MB/S series give good results. (you don't need to buy the Sandisk extreme pro UHS II SDXC 300MB/S series, the 6d can't make use of the extra speed UHS II gives)
Also the older, but maybe still available, sandisk extreme pro UHS-I U3 95MB/S are also good.
You can search the forum for SD_UHS module and which cards work and which not, but the Sandisk extreme pro with either 95Mb/s or 170Mb/s on the label should certainly work.

If you have the above you should be able to have continuous raw recording:
1824x1026x 14 bit lossless compressed raw, for 24 and 25 frames per second, 30 fps might work, but the write speed needed might just be too much, but you could always step back to 12 bit lossless raw recording if you need 30 fps to be continuous.

Point 2:

Dynamic range/noise/color is best in normal 1824x1026 resolution mode (not crop or 5x zoom mode).
This because horizontal pixelbinning is done in this mode (the 1824 horizontal pixels are actually 5472 pixels read and pixelbinned to 1824, so each pixel is actually combined info from 3 pixels)
The crop and high resolution modes have less little less quality (dynamic range/noise/color) since there is no pixelbinning happening, but this is mostly noticable when high iso is used, I doubt if you experience any difference up to iso 800.
General Help Q&A / Re: how do i fix these weird color blocks and edges?
« Last post by Walter Schulz on May 07, 2021, 07:59:28 AM »
As posted on r/magiclantern you are using Canon's native H.264 mode (MOV).
Search for "Masaic VAF". Should answer your question. If not: Reply.
Frankly, almost nobody here ever switches to A and therefore this one hasn't been reported before. I suppose you tried starting without ML and A mode works as expected.
First part.
I read "Canon is doing line skipping instead of binning, that's why you get aliasing"... Well maybe, but I also have zero sharpness and details on faces: I'd expect line skipping to render aliased small lines, but not to alter significantly quite continuous shapes like faces. And even if putting my subject slightly out of focus does help to reduce aliasing, details are not there.

While softening input it is a well established method to fight alias/moiré the concept to expect better details by softening input is new to me.
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 600D / T3i
« Last post by Walter Schulz on May 07, 2021, 06:46:23 AM »
I use a 15 Euro HDMI-to-USB stick and an UHD capture card with different cameras. The stick just works (lots of lag), capture card seems to be tricky (sometimes) in my environment but I can get around it. Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4k.
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 7D Mark I
« Last post by Walter Schulz on May 07, 2021, 06:35:14 AM »
Easy! Just replace 7D's sensor (+processing units +firmware) with one having at least 1920x3=5760 pixels horizontal.
General Help Q&A / Black screen after shot in silient mode. How to fix it?
« Last post by JustJo on May 06, 2021, 08:20:39 PM »
I tried to use the DSLR Controller (android application) on the canon 600D and I think it made some changes to the settings.

Now when I take a shot in silient full res (DNG / MLV) mode, after the shot I see a black screen. The camera does not return to the live view. I have to press the shutter release button again to see the live view.

What parameter is responsible for this? How to make the photo show the lime menu after saving DNG. Should I reset the firmware?
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