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Awesome! I'm glad I'm talking to the author of ML :)

No, just to the one who wrote this FAQ entry.

I have found something in canoncommunity: Setting Auto Power Off to 1 minute solved their 30-minute issue. Strange. Cannot test it here, please test and reply.
I know, I wrote it. ;-)
Does this weird sound only appear in video mode? Does it appear without ML running?
Make a smartphone video with sound of this "break", upload it somewhere and link it here.
I tried this last night and it worked nicely, but on my 6D the focus point selection in live view goes crazy; one click on the pad makes it go all the way to the edge. It doesn't matter if Bulb ND is enabled or not - the only way to stop it is to not load the module.

I am having this exact issue on my 6D! @dmilligan, any ideas or potential fix in the works? Thanks a lot.
Top of page -> Wiki -> FAQ -> How do I record for more than 30 minutes?
Short: Install lua_fix build.
General Development / Re: How to run Magic Lantern into QEMU?!...
« Last post by names_are_hard on June 21, 2021, 12:37:28 AM »
With Ant's help I have duplicated this - can run M3 to GUI locally.  Thank you Ant for being patient with my stupid questions!

I have a lot of qemu tasks that I can work on.  Largely these need C and linux make skills, not ARM asm or ML experience.  So if anyone would like to volunteer, these are more accessible tasks.
 - get local qemu-eos test suite for ML working in 2 and 4, so they can be compared
 - as needed, improve tests or qemu-eos 4 accuracy, so that 4 is at parity with 2 for ML tests
 - update qemu-eos from 4 to 5: 4 is no longer supported (6 is very new, I think 5 is a better target)
 - using M3 as a guide, extend support to other modern cams (this will need ML and asm knowledge!)
Reverse Engineering / Re: DIGIC 8 DryOS Shell (drysh) investigation
« Last post by axelcine on June 20, 2021, 09:53:39 PM »
Thanks, Kitor. I know the rules here, having been a member for several years. But of course I'm looking forward to good news. So of course I'm not hijacking research threads, just asking as politely as possible for a link - which as you say, isn't there for the moment. So I just wait, excited and hopeful. Good luck to all of you excellent software detectives.
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon EOS R / RP
« Last post by kitor on June 20, 2021, 02:27:05 PM »
Ouch  :o

If I don't forget about it, I'll try flashing and dumping both next week.
Problem solved. Just downloaded file with Tor. Works clean first try...
No problems here with Edge, Firefox, Opera.

It seems that I can't download MLVFS.dmg correctly from Amazon S3. I'm in Turkey now, maybe it's some kind of network problem.

Could you be so kind to upload this dmg somewhere so I can Install it?


I managed to download the full repository with MLVFS.dmg and installed OSXFUSE 4.12.

Then I clicked MLVFS.workflow and it added it to the context menu.

I select an empty folder, that see how localhost opens in browser, but it displays this:

Something seems to be broken. I've used MLVFS on mac a few years ago but now it can't start correctly...

I have macOS Catalina 10.15.7

Please help me to make it work again!
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