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Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 7D Mark I
August 14, 2023, 07:52:41 PM
I realize this is an old thread, but I have questions specific to the 7d mk1.

A little background info. I have had my 7d for a while, and was using it for photographing birds mainly. Then my shutter started acting up on it. basically it gets stuck after a burst. (I'm not here looking to fix it, this is just my motivation to hack it) I got a new camera, so basically my 7d is rife for experimentation. If it bricks, it will still suck, but at the same time it's already somewhat broken.

Recently I got into astrophotography. So I'm really interested in trying to get a 1:1 pixel ratio. If you aren't familiar here is an overly dumbed down explanation: when shooting planets you take a video of 2-5 minutes and then take the several thousand shots, then stack several hundred to a few thousand of the best frames, and therefore get a much cleaner image. The problem is that The 7d compresses down to 1080 instead of cropping down to 1080.

In the "features page" it says that crop_mode_hack isn't available. Is that because it is buggy, or just not even possible? I can deal with buggy. I can deal with no sound, since I'm using the frames of the video to make an image, so I don't even want sound. If crop hack is possible, just buggy; are builds available?

I am also not even recording to card. I'm actually hooking my camera directly to a laptop and recording live view directly to a HDD. There is a program that records live view and can even record at 5x which gives "close" to 1:1 but having actually 1:1 is ideal. Also RAW video would be even better. I can't figure out if it's possible on the 7d or not.

I have no background in coding, so I don't know what is or isn't possible. I have been sifting through pages and pages here and can't find my answer. Perhaps I'm not using the correct search terms, so I apologize in advance if the question has been answered, but I did try.

Thank you in advance to anyone still out there willing to help. If I didn't explain things properly, don't hesitate to ask for clarification. I'm not the most articulate person.