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We have re-written the DNG decompression routine to now support a wider range of DNGs including 'slimRAW' output and the output from the MotionCam Android app. This is be released in the next major revision at the end of March. We also have ongoing investigation to look at adding MLV playback support.
Hi, we've just released v1.0.3 which fixes the green issue and also we now support the pixel aspect ratio .DNG tag for correct non square pixel playback :)
Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on November 02, 2022, 11:19:04 PM
Nice tool :)

How hard it would be to implement native .MLV (Magic Lantern RAW video) support?

That is something we are looking at - assuming its uncompressed bayer sensor readout data using the same colour matrix maths as DNG, it shouldn't be a crazy amount of work :)

Quote from: vastunghia on November 05, 2022, 11:49:31 PM
Tried it with a bunch of cDNG's generated from 5D3 and 70D .MLV via MLVApp (both lossless compressed and uncompressed), but unfortunately 1. colors are wrong (always reddish) and 2. playback jumps back and forth in a weird way. Am I the only one? I can see its potential though! Would be super to have direct .MLV support.

Would you be able to create an issue for this with a couple of .DNG frames and your pc/mac specs on our GitHub issue tracker? (
We haven't had the opportunity to test much with .DNG's that were converted from .MLV :(
Hi, I just wanted to share the minimalist open-source CinemaDNG playback/review tool we have developed - OCTOPUS RAW Player. It is a cross platform open-source GitHub project:

More info/download is at

Disclaimer - I am the lead coder!