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Thanks for the lovely build, works wonderfully!! The only thing that bugs out for me are the L/R-buttons under Customized buttons. Speaking of which, if I may add a feature request, would it be possible have an option to map REC to the INFO button? Reason is that it would be ideal for shooting in vertical mode, which I'm experimenting with for instagram and social media-posts.

I got it working fine in Big Sur but unfortunateluy my Mac updated itself to Monteray and now it seems broken. Anyone got any ideas how to fix it?

Just wanted to pop in and say a big thanks to @Danne (and everyone else who contributed) for the latest builds. The added funtionality to the customized buttons are brilliant! I LOVE being able to toggle false colors, a huge help for me as I've been struggling with getting correct exposure. Now with the fuctions sorted I'm eagerly watching all the @gabriielangel posts and testing out optimal performance for each mode (w/wo HDMI). You guys are great.

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