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General Development / Re: LiveView hacks (write speed improvement)
« on: April 14, 2022, 11:30:19 PM »
I just edited Reply #48, for those who would like to know more about using the latest build with an hdmi monitor.

General Development / Re: LiveView hacks (write speed improvement)
« on: April 12, 2022, 03:03:58 PM »
Interesting. So 2.8k shows better results than 2.5k when it comes to pink frames.
So there's a shutter issue when +aewb i selected? And only with hdmi I suppose?

The shutter issue, when +aewb is selected, occurs with and without hdmi monitor. It does so at every resolution / preset, and I restarted the camera after each preset change to make sure.

Just so I can avoid having to test everything empirically, If I were to start with the 2.8k preset, and lower the resolution from there, regarding raw buffers and what is happening behind the scenes, should I theoretically get the same behavior as selecting the 2k preset, for example?

Also, what is the advantage of scanning the top part of the sensor, as opposed to scanning it dead center?

General Development / Re: LiveView hacks (write speed improvement)
« on: April 12, 2022, 05:12:32 AM »
Some results.
I recorded two batches of about 30 clips each. I reviewed Both batches today, so here are my findings:

When adding the hack "Lvface+aewb", using HDMI monitor or not, if I set the shutter fine tune so that I get between 1/46 and 1/48 (a little above 1/46 gives the appropriate blur we're used to, 1/48 seems faster than expected), the value of the shutter jumps to 1/30 as soon as I hit record. It shows in the recorded file, as you see the exposure ramping up within the first 10 frames or so (using other fine tune values will shift the exposure relative to the value).

Putting  Shutter fine tune to "off" will keep a steady 1/50.

Using only "Lvface" instead of "Lvface+aewb" fixes this Shutter issue, but 2.8k recording will redline at 12 bit and record about 20 seconds.

Edit: The 3K preset gives me around

So using only the "Lvface" hack and hdmi monitor, the figures are as follows:

12 bit 23.976 fps, records about 20 seconds.
10 bit 23.976 fps, records continuously, between green and orange light.
No pink or dropped frames, focus pixels can be seen clearly  while recording, but are taken care of with mlvapp.

Following Danne's hint about resolution:
14bit 23.976 fps, if I lower the resolution to 2656x1112, I get at least 30 seconds, oscillating between red and orange light.
14bit 23.976 fps, If I lower the resolution to 2608x1092, I get at least 1 minute (Stopped myself on each trial), always in orange light, no red.

Speed Results are the same, but lots of pink frames regardless of the bit depth. even restarting the camera does not fix it. So, not usable with an HDMI monitor for now.
Edit: See Reply#42, it works with a phone and capture dongle in my case (And no pink frames), when connecting the dongle before turning on the phone, and also when powering off the camera after each settings / preset change)

5K ana frtp: The results are similar to my previous post (Reply #42), no pink or dropped frames and no focus pixels.

2K: Continuous recording at every bit depth. No corrupt frames.

Out of 60 clips, I got 3 corrupted clip, which would not open (2.8k).

When using the hdmi monitor, when switching presets, the connection to the monitor is often lost. You have to shutdown the camera and it runs fine on restart.

Like I mentioned in the previous post, using the hdmi monitor disables the tap screen dropdown list. So I have to assign the dropdown list to the info button.
But, when pressing info, you have to turn the wheel quickly, because it chooses a preset by itself as soon as you stop spinning the wheel.

Also, I noticed that every preset uses a different center (Those scan different parts of the sensor) and if I use the 2.5K Centered preset as a reference, the presets are often a little to the right, with the 5K preset scanning towards the lower portion of the sensor (Which at least give you a chance to get the eyes in better focus if filming a person when using an older lens).

It would be good to disclose the exact offset figures, as this would allow people to choose the right lens accordingly. Unless you use an ef-m 32mm f1.4 or, to a slightly lesser extent, ef-m 22mm f2; you don't get edge to edge sharpness. So, if you use a Helios or a c-mount lens, you will get uneven bokeh and vignetting, as those vintage lenses get softer and blurrier very quickly as soon as you deviate from the center. (Not too apparent if you do nature shots, but a lot more if you frame a subject off center.)
Zooming also requires reframing, when symmetry is needed. A non technical person will easily overlook those details and will have to learn the hard way, after wondering for hours if they were drunk the day of the shoot  :)

General Development / Re: LiveView hacks (write speed improvement)
« on: April 11, 2022, 06:02:05 PM »
Those long clips take forever to convert! I will let you know in a few days, as I need to look at everything very closely to spot focus dots, glitches, etc. So that whoever reading the comment can use it accordingly.

General Development / Re: LiveView hacks (write speed improvement)
« on: April 11, 2022, 03:40:39 AM »
Nice test report!
So, just to be sure. All tests reported here includes the use of a hdmi monitor? Except the usb camera test that is.

Correct. I used the HDMI input of an ASUS PB278Q. If you could point me to some info on how the hdmi out works, I could try to find out why the usb dongles and the lower end field monitors are so finnicky.

General Development / Re: LiveView hacks (write speed improvement)
« on: April 11, 2022, 01:06:18 AM »
EOS M Test Results using HDMI Monitor:

Build:, link in first post
SD Card: Sandisk Extreme Pro 170 MB/s, 128GB
192MHz Hack

In order for the hdmi output to work reliably, the presets need to be changed using the "Tap Display". When connecting an hdmi monitor, the screen tap doesn't work (The eos screen is disabled). So we could go to 3rd ML Menu, customized buttons, and put "INFO SELECTABLE" to "Off" and  change "Dropdown List" to "INFO", but then lose whatever function was assigned to the Info button. We could also disconnect the hdmi cable to select presets, but I don't think this would be recommended as the Mini hdmi connector isn't "Industrial Strength) :)

Also, in order for all the different presets to work reliably, without Pink / Green half screen, squeezed display, freezed display; in 3rd ML Menu Disable x3 Crop Toggle and Disable Focus Aid. Those 2 functions won't be needed if using a field monitor with pinch-to-zoom or zoom functions.

If using a phone with USB Camera or another capture app installed as a monitor, only the 2k 1:1 preset works (Tested with LG V30, Samsung Galaxy S8, Hagbis UHC06 capture dongle)

Edit: When using a capture dongle with a phone and usb camera, the dongle needs to be connected to the phone BEFORE powering it on. That way, 2K, 2.5K and 2.8K presets work (But the screen shows only part of the actual recorded image). When changing presets, resolution, etc, the EOS-m needs to be restarted. My hdmi monitor (Asus) doesn't work with 2.5K (At any aspect ratio), but some people got their monitors working when using a 16:9 ratio). Maybe we could post working configurations in a dedicated thread to make it easier for everyone... My USB camera Video Format settings are: MJPEG, 1920x1080 60p

The Benchmark module doesn't write the results as a .ppm file (image file) on the card anymore, but I get 61.9 / 63.9 MB/s Write speed, which are the exact same figures I had when running the June 26 2021 Build. The recording times have been expanded significantly though:

5K frtp:
14bit 23.976 fps, recorded over 3 minutes once, and several 1 minute clips in a row, no interruptions (Orange light).
12bit 23.976 fps, records continuously (>3 minutes).

14bit 23.976 fps, toggles between green and orange light, Always records past 1 minute, but on one trial, it stopped after 2:30 minutes.
12bit 23.976 fps, records continuously  (>3 minutes)

12 bit 23.976 fps, records between 1-2 minutes.
10 bit 23.976 fps, records continuously, orange light.

For the tests, I shot tree branches towards an overcast sky, with the histogram showing between E1.0 and E0.4

General Development / Re: LiveView hacks (write speed improvement)
« on: April 10, 2022, 01:08:09 AM »
Anybody testing this hack with eos m and hdmi out?

How do I do eos-m screen captures? The hdmi output is acting strange:

If I use a phone with usb cam installed, It outputs 2K 1:1 correctly, but in other modes it outputs only the interface overlay, but the video preview is garbled.

If I connect the eos m to the hdmi input of my Asus Computer Monitor, the 2k 1:1 mode doesn't work, 5K ana and 1080p work but freeze, and 2.5K and 2.8K modes output half a squeezed video preview with the second half pink.

So, I went back to the June 2021 build to make sure: only 2k 1:1 works when using the phone as monitor, and using the Asus Monitor, only 5k Ana and 1080P outputs correctly. I still get half a squeezed screen in 2.5k and 2.8k

So it seems like it depends on what is on the hdmi receiving end, because Zeek said it works for him in all modes when using the june 2021 build.

Any ideas or other tests  I could do to help out?

Duplicate Questions / EOS Massign function to right arrow button
« on: March 11, 2022, 07:05:46 PM »
Hello, I have an eos M, with Danne's latest ML build. Is there a way to assign functions to the right button (Which is currently unassigned). I would like to put the LV presets there, because if I use the info button to toggle presets (False color on/off, etc) I lose too much functionality.

General Development / Re: Dealing with Focus Pixels in raw video
« on: January 23, 2022, 09:17:09 PM »
Hello, Are there any focus pixel maps for the latest build's resolutions (5k frtp & 2.5k 1:1 crop)? I went to  , but I could not find matching resolutions. Thanks!

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