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Hi there;

I use Magic Lantern for visual effects work; my need is to convert mlv files to linear EXRs, ideally in ACES or ACEScg.

Historically I've done this via a hodgepodge of tools; RAWMagic (which seems to not get updated very often, and now seems to produce incorrect results), DCraw, and a handful of other utilities to get it into the EXR format.

Searching through the forums to see if a more modern approach exists, I came across It seems great; I tried downloading and installing the latest release to my Macbook M1, and it launches and seems to display footage fine, but I cannot get it to export any images in any format.

Is this a known issue? *should* I be able to do what I'm interested in doing with this app?

Thank you!
Hi there! I recently got a new M1 macbook, and have been searching for a GUI-less way to convert MLV files to dngs on the command line. Previously I'd been using a precompiled mlv_dump executable that ran only on Linux, and I had to set up a crazy workflow using Docker containers to get the output I needed. Searching around the internet for a better way led me to this thread.

I realize this is only a small component of what Switch is meant to do, but may I ask how you're compiling mlv_dump on a mac? I'm finding it hard to find the source code for this utility, and not a lot of info for how to get it working on an M1 mac.

I'm happy to try to contribute if I can (I'm only medium-adept at C coding), fundamentally I'm just looking for a way to do this one small little task.

Thank you!
General Development / MLV converter for Apple silicon
December 03, 2021, 04:20:30 PM
Hi there! I've been a big fan of ML for years, but this is my first time posting here.

I recently got a new Apple MacBook with an M1 processor, and am interested in setting up a fresh Magic Lantern pipeline on it from scratch. Historically I've done my MLV conversion via command line, using precompiled tools that I've sort of cobbled and coerced into working. I think what I'd like to do this time around, however, is to compile a convertor myself, so that as this laptop ages I can recompile/update things as needed.

I'm curious, however, what the latest and greatest code/utility for this is? I don't need anything particularly heavyweight or full-featured – I simply want to extract the DNG frames from an MLV file (I use downstream utilities for converting these into other formats). I strongly prefer a command-line interface as opposed to a GUI.

I'm curious what advice the form might offer in terms of github repos or other that I should check out. Quite a few threads I see about this problem date back many years, so I'm curious what's considered "current".

Thank you so much!