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I found a fix:

The camera shooting mode must be at:
Raw only (either jpg or raw+jpg did not work, allocation error when pressing play while in liveview)

The aspect ratio has to be at 16:9 or lower (5:3 will cause allocation error and freeze the liveview)

Playback works perfectly

Is it possible to playback full res photo?
i'm getting "allocation failed" weirdly (when shooting full res at 16:9 it worked and 2 days ago it does not work anymore)
Maybe i messed up something?

My settings:

Full-res LiveView with focus aid

RAW video:
Resolution: 5784x3254
Aspect: 16:9
Data: 14bit lossless
Preview: Framing
Crop rec preview: off
Card spanning: Off
Preferred card: CF
Kill global draw: off
Pre record: 1 Frame
Rec trigger: Half-shutter: pre only
SRM: on
Small hacks: off
5DMKIII CF+SD benchmark (1 min):

SD 160mhz overclock:
SD: 65.7mb/s
CF: 72.8mb/s

No overlock:
SD: 21.8mb/s
CF: 80.7mb/s

My only problem is:
When i'm shooting "full-res liveview" with rec trigger Half-shutter: hold
The camera freezes, only removing the battery works
Just wondering, would be possible record 5760 x 1080 then stretching vertical to 3240 ?
Same as 1920x2300 but the other way around

I don't know the right name, 1x3 or 3x1
Ooh i see, thank you, what i'm doing rn, i go to file manager and copy from card A to B card, so everything goes to the SD

Nice code, i will try
I'm from brazil, i'm not sure if i can do it on my own, seems.. complicated..

I could not find a starting point in lua
Scripting Corner / Lua script to change file extension?
December 21, 2021, 01:23:16 PM
Hello, so, i have a little problem, a pin on my CF slot is gone, i was wondering, if i could copy files via USB (but i'm guessing it wont show any MLV) is i possible configure a lua script to bypass USB files and change all mlv to .mov? i would copy the files then change back to .mlv

Fixing the CF is not gonna be possible, no new parts where i live, i managed to run CF using a copper wire but removing the CF and the wire from the camera too many times files would be a problem
Hello, great build, quite solid

Just a small question, i'm using:
Full-res live view

RAW video
Preview Framing
Rec Trigger: Half-Shutter: pre only

When i start recording, press the half shutter, it captures everything fine, when i stop recording i get stuck on busy (so i can't change shutter speed, going out of livewview and back works)

SRM memory On/off didnt not help, neither Small Hacks

Also, it crashs when using rec trigger as half-shutter: hold (i'm guessing its my slow card)
Why does the raw module (the one without lossless) has only 3.5k?

I was trying to use
Full-resolution LiveView: 5796x3870 at 7.4 fps (with frame skipping)

Is there frame skipping on the lossless raw module?

I can only get a square 3.4k x 3.4k instead of 5.9 x 3.4
ok.. the experimental build works for full res lv

danne's build works, but not full res (2080x1318)

maybe i should try to update to 1.2.3?

Quote from: ShittyWebsite on November 05, 2021, 09:46:39 PM
I also tryied using the experimental build

No files on the folder  :-[

Maybe a problem with the camera settings?

I just fully reset the camera and now everything works

Dammmn I'm stupid
I also tryied using the experimental build

No files on the folder  :-[

Maybe a problem with the camera settings?
I'm using full-res LV, MLV

It says:

Full-res LV requires the crop_rec module loaded

Does silent pics works? i've tryied full res lv but it says it needs crop rec to be loaded (it dosent show any modules)

Maybe i did something wrong? (1.1.3)
I have a small question:

I'm looking for either 6D or 5D3
The problem is that i can get two 6Ds for the price of a single 5D3

I have a 700D (bilal's crop rec) and i'm looking for a full frame camera

How well does it compare? i would use mostly for photos (at least 5000x3200 and some video using 1x3 modes)
Raw Video / Dual Iso Video Problem
October 21, 2021, 02:26:20 PM
QuoteWhen i use dual iso, i get some weird colors every 3-4 frames

4 normal frames

4 weird frames

Am i doing something wrong?

Edit: Vertical Stripes was "Force" turning it off fixed, sorry
I've just finished testing with the isoless build, everything works perfectly,
Dual Iso + Crop rec (1x3 uhd) + Raw v1: great for video
Dual Iso + Crop rec V2 (1:1 5000x3500) + Silent pics (burst) + Raw MLV: great for pics

It's amazing what you did with a entry level camera,

5K, 10bit, 2:35, 23,976 Continuous raw with dual iso, it's amazing, Thank you
Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on October 10, 2021, 09:17:50 PM
Thanks, sorry for the delay,

Which camera are you using?

Taking "Simple" silent is broken by default on my 700D (even in official builds, it stuck on "Preparing...") burst silent works, does taking "Simple" silent picture works on your camera?
Currently I don't recommend to use silent picture with crop mode v2, in crop mode v2 sometime black level goes wrong when capturing silent pic (no idea why).

Which FPS are using in 4000x2500 ?

Be aware: Lower bit-depths in Crop mode/V2 are meant for RAW video recording only, silent picture does only support 14-bit uncompressed or 14-bit lossless otherwise using lower bit-depths from crop rec/v2 submenu can lead to wrong white/black levels and to unrecoverable image (currently if you want to use silent pic make sure lower bit-depths are off from crop mode/v2 submenus).

Actually the crash is caused because of RAW video is on and you are maybe using burst mode, burst mode crashes the camera when RAW video is on (I think RAW video should be off when using silent picture, same crash happens on 5D3), why would use crop mode v1 for silent picture? I see crop mode v2 is better option for silent pic.

Hmmm, I need to find a workaround for assigned buttons, SET button is being used by crop mode to trigger zoomed preview (in this case I will just disable SET button for crop mode while ETTR is on, you can still use magnification button to trigger zoomed preview), also I need to take care of crop rec v2 because it using SET button for manual LiveView refresh.

I'm using a 700D, Thank you, its very helpful

At 4500 x 2500 i was getting 10fps (8 photos buffer) now i'm using 5000x3200 (7fps, 2 photos buffer) sometimes i use 1x3 1668x2040 10bit (continuous, about 5k 24fps)

I've been testing with 3x1 too, (5300x1160, 10bit that gives me 16fps continuous, works greatly for some bird photography and horse jumping obstacles)

For ETTR i can use the photo mode, press Set, then switch to video mode and it works fine

I've been using silent pics with both crop rec and crop rec v2, works perfectly ("Simple" dosent work so i just "Burst" and click once, it works greatly)
sometimes i guess some purple highlights on the crop rec v1, i just refresh the liveview and its back to normal

Right now, i'm gonna test the isoless build (my camera was showing the isoless message when dual iso but I dont even care, i'll test the build just for fun)
Hello, i'm using this build, great build, everything works, but i have a little problem, when using lossless dng, it shows the console every time i take a pic, a bit annoying

I'm using crop rec v2 (10 bit, 1:1, 4.000 x 2500) and silent pics (burst/simple, DNG lossless)

I can't test with the crop rec v1 (when half shutter it zooms and crashes the camera)

Also, i'm not being able to use ETTR (crop rec also zooms on button SET)

Thank you and i'm loving this build, the only reason i bought this camera
Yeah, I'm using mlv, I mean the shutter speed, maybe I should buy a t5i and shoot 1 second of 4K and use as photo
I see, thank you, i understand, old camera, not many people interested
i'm using Daniel Fort's magiclantern-raw_video_10bit_12bit_LVState.2019May15.7D203

It's quite good, 2.5k for about 450 frames,

I'm like this build for photos (rec trigger, half shutter pre only)
Silentpics: slow
Burst: good but low resolution (and many purple frames using crop)
Crop video: good resolution, no purple frames (but many useless frames)
Crop video + rec trigger: Good resolution, frames as needed
Is there anything for 7D? i have one but could not find anything
General Help Q&A / Re: not working on 7D
August 10, 2021, 03:34:38 PM
I just tested using "Creative Auto" mode and "Automatic" from the wheel and it works, dosent work when using M/AV/TV/P so most likely, is it a setting from Canon Menu or camera setting?
General Help Q&A / Re: not working on 7D
August 10, 2021, 03:27:43 PM
Quote from: Walter Schulz on August 10, 2021, 01:49:52 PM
Sorry, I accidentally deleted your last post.
I think you are trying to use intervalometer and silent pic together. This won't work with default settings: -> Limits

Its ok, but like, it works with full res and burst (even with intervalometer), the simple and slit-scan does not

video again:
General Help Q&A / not working on 7D
August 09, 2021, 10:50:15 PM
When i choose Single or Slit-scan shows *preparing* and *beep* but does not capture anything.

Does not work with any of these builds: