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Thank you! I've followed your indications, and it's already very much better. I've made 7 minutes without anything untoward taking place.
As I did what you suggested, one of the options (I think it was Canon wrench 2) seemed to imply that the maximum time before it behaved badly would be 30 minutes. It's already 1 in the morning here in Sicily,  and I've been struggling with it all for over three hours - though progress has happened, thanks to you - so maybe I won't sit out the 30 minutes to see what happens. Tomorrow is another day.

And anyway I expect I'll have other stupid questions later, but you have been absolutely helpful! When I find people helping each other freely like this (and the whole ML project as well is an example) it gives me hope that we might make yet it as a species, despite everything else the news tells me. To put it another way: you guys rock. Thank you again.

Thanks for this, Walter. I've loaded the lua thingie instead of the standard ML. But I still have a series of newbie (READ: stupid?) questions that I just can't work out.
CONTEXT: I want to get clean HDMI streaming out of my EOS M, running ML lua fix latest build (as of 17 May 2021). I have set GLOBAL DRAW to always off and CLEAR OVERLAYS is set to ALWAYS. When I turn it on I get exactly the clean HDMI output I want.

a) Really stupid question: Should I have the camera on Manual, Automatic or Video to stream HDMI?
b) It turns itself off after a short while - maybe 60 seconds - for some reason. I have to half press the shutter to get it back. Why, and how can I prevent this annoying behaviour?
c) When I turn it back on, I'm back at the old Canon display with overlays. I have to press TRASH to get the ML menu and then INFO to get the clear display back after I pass thru' a screen thatb says HELP FILES NOT FOUND.

Grateful for help on these issues.

Hello. On my EOS M, running firmware 2.02 I seem to have installed ML. When I press the trash button, the menus come up. But I can't figure out how to send them away again. If I wait,they go away - but I am returned to the usual Canon screen display. Which may the correct behaviour? I don't know.
I'm trying to get clean hdmi output, so I've turned global overlays off. Is that the right thing to do? When I'm returned to the Canon display, they are still there...

Grateful for an idiot's ABC of the steps needed to get ML to deliver me clean hdmi output.


Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon EOS M
« on: May 17, 2021, 01:44:54 AM »
What are everyone's thoughts on updating the EOSM to 2.0.3? The original pull request has been up for nearly two years. Recently @critix and I have been running tests on it and it is as stable as 2.0.2. I can do it on some of the experimental builds to get started--provided @a1ex approves.

I have firmware 2.0.3 on my camera. Does ML work ?

EDIT: Couldn't find the experimental version for 2.0.3 so I've downgraded th camera to 2.0.2 and loaded ML.

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