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Hi @Walter Schulz,
Thank for the advices.

I formatted the 128 GB SD/CF with no luck with the camera that remains inactive with this specific card. So I couldn't follow with the second step to format on the camera itself.

BUT, I found my old 2 GB CF card in a drawer and it did worked on the 7D! With regular Canon FW as expected. Meanning that the issue with the 7D relates more on the adapter side combined with ML than in ML alone.
Which can be surprising as it was working fine with the canon firmware 2.0.3 as I could record a few minutes of video of my son. So the install of ML had an impact on the compatibility (or I got lucky onthe first place, and switched my luck to get ML running).

I feel that it would be pointless to insist to use the adapter as it is known to not be recommended. Unless there would be some actions that could restore the use of that memory card with the camera. If by any chance there was a way to make it work. The funny thing was that it worked with FW 2.0.3 and after installing ML the card (not bootable yet) don't even allow the camera to boot.

I am open to suggestions. But i keep in mind that it is more secure to go with a standard CF card.

Share Your Photos / Re: Dual ISO 100-800
« on: March 30, 2021, 11:27:07 PM »
@sibi-manjale Nice pictures ! Have you solved the issue with the noise ?

Envoyé de mon Mi A1 en utilisant Tapatalk

One correction as I missed to add a line, and I don't find how to edit my previous post.
The Canon 7D switch on without cards (with Canon out of the box firmware).
AND, the Canon 7D switch on with the 8GB CF that was used to install ML.

On all other cases the 7D don't Switch ON at all / Brick.
Cheers  :)

Hi there,

I am the happy owner of a Canon 7D updated to FW 2.0.3 with the objective of getting ML working on it.
I own 2 CF and one CF adapter with with a 128 GB SD card.
I used a CF 8 GB to install both FW 2.0.3 and ML.

Pre-installation of ML
I can use the 8 GB and 128 GB CF/SD card without issues, I recorded videos to test the freshly installed FW 2.0.3 from Canon on both cards (the 8 GB CF and the 128 CF/SD). All well under the sun.

Post-Installation of ML
ML seems to work like a charm even if I only scratched the surface. I used the 8 GB memory card to install it.
BUT, when I use another CF the camera isn't booting at all. It stays dead.

Actions :
  • I remove the 8 GB memory card and insert the 128 GB CF/SD card
  • The Canon 7D doesn't react, like bricked. No led, no AF, nothing.
  • I remove the battery and insert it again.
  • The Canon 7D remains dead
  • I remove the memory card, close the hatch and leave it without card
  • Remove/insert battery
    • The Canon 7D switch ON with ML.

Result of the tests
  • Canon 7D boots with the 8GB where ML is installed
  • Canon 7D boot without memory card
  • Canon 7D stays dead (bricked) with another CF than the 8 GB

I explored the forum and website. I don't know what troubleshooting scenario I should follow. I am reluctant to format my CF as it is the only card that can get the camera running and I want to avoid to cut myself from any other options.

As far as I know I haven't found similar cases to mine. I am correct?
Thanks in advance to all for your answers and a advices. :)[/list]

User Introduction / Hello from Paris surroundings, canon 7D owner
« on: March 30, 2021, 09:58:00 PM »
Hi there,

Hope you are all going well in these weird times. I am the happy owner of a Canon 7D for 10 years, and I can confirm that I got a lot of fun with it.

Recently I wanted to get more from the video side of it, as I wanted to make a short movie starring my newborn. I crossed the bridge to install ML on it.

I will open a dedicated topic to share my findings on the install.

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