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Hello. I have a question: I understand perfectly well how to use the modules for shooting in Crop mode and RAW, but again, I would like to clarify the profile for the camera:
When shooting with such modules - the profiles do not work and we get the image in RAW as you see when the standard style is turned on ,but there is a certain sharpness there.
I take it I have to put it down at the very least, so the video can be even better for post-production? Or does it not make any sense and in RAW format still comes a certain sharpness?
Quote from: alt1 on June 25, 2021, 11:29:45 AM
I have the ISOless PH err(2) error with Dual ISO on my 650d, but it seems there is the solution
Thank you for your decision. I hope they will correct this error in the new update.
Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on June 24, 2021, 04:09:24 AM

It seems only your 650D has shutter value issue (first reported 650D), so we need to check shutter blanking addresses from your camera, but before doing that I want you to check if Danne crop_rec_4k build for 650D have the same issue on your 650D, try this build from Danne (outdated build, no longer maintained), but it would be useful for our test:

Test it and feedback, does it have shutter issue?

Also, does Dual ISO work on your 650D? or it give ISOless errors?

Yes, I have problems with double ISO, therefore I do not use it (isoless error)

I put the firmware you suggested. The Dual ISO started to work, and the problem with shutter value - did not disappear (this manifested when included modules for shooting in RAW ).
Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on June 19, 2021, 04:31:45 PM
From the first post:

Currently if you want to use 1x3 modes with real-time correct preview you need to use crop_rec "Crop mode", and unfortunately there is no 5K option (*5208x2214), there is 4.3K (*4320x1836) 2.35:1 AR.

*After stretching.

Implementing real-time correct preview in crop_new "Crop mode V2" requires further research and time, processing 1736x2214 in LiveView might not be possible, even if it was possible we may have another problems like corrupted frames due to hardware limitations and limited memory or limited memory bandwidth.

Thank you. Sorry to bother you with the same question. I wanted to finally wait for the correction of this moment to finally start shooting what I wanted). But I guess I'll have to work with 4.3k in crop mode 1. And I fully believe that crop mode 2 is more likely to have a good source than the first )
Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on June 19, 2021, 03:57:47 AM
New builds are posted in the first post for 650D/700D


-Switching between presets now is faster
-Fixed a conflict with crop_new which made "Crop mode V2" in most cases has no effect
-Some code optimizations

RAW video with HDMI:

-Fixed a regression introduced back in "11 Dec, 2016" by this pull request, regression symptoms:
(These symptoms happen when the camera is connected to HDMI monitor, no matter what's the output):

-LiveView freezes after recording some RAW video clips, or when toggling between mv1080 and x5 modes when RAW video is enabled
-Weird flickering/glitches in LiveView when the camera startups up with RAW video enabled

This issue is still presented in official Nightly builds, and probably all of DIGIC 5 cameras are affected, maybe except 5D3, (this issue isn't related to HDMI overhead things).

Some details:
ML use EDMAC write channel #18 for RAW data stream (something related to RAW video recording), back then a1ex asked the developers to find a none-used channel by Canon firmware for each model, channel #18 was available (and worked across all models except for 5D3 1.2.3), so we have used it for years . . without a problem, until some days ago I found out this channel is being used by Canon when connecting the camera (my 700D) to HDMI monitor and causes the issues above . .

Well, I started looking for another available EDMAC write channel, I found channel #3 being the best, not used by Canon in anything? (Not used in HDMI, capturing still images, recording H.264, and so) beside channel #3 didn't introduce corrupted frames, same performance as #18 channel in addition to no issues with HDMI connection :).

Thank you very much for such a fast feedback. I downloaded the firmware and tried it. Yes, the switching problem has gone away, but the main problem I've always had to worry about with the cropping regime has not been solved:
There is no convenient height in the frame when you preview. This can be eliminated by turning on another preview mode, but for the filming of important work, this is not all and will only cause total discomfort.
For convenience, I flooded the phone footage of the camera settings. There's a preview comparison between the first crop of fashion and the second one, and you can also see the problem of the shutter value, which when changed on the screen remains in terms of its numerical value the same
Hello, everybody. I'm delighted that we've updated the firmware and made some positive changes. However, I'm concerned about the following:
In my last experimental firmware, I had the ability to configure the screen resolution so that in the editor of MLV App I had a picture like 2:35:1

In the current firmware, no matter how many times I've gone through the rabbi and crop settings - the height of the video cannot increase and in the application it is not 2214 pixels as before.

I like the firmware, but this is a problem for me. I have long wanted to use this very regime, because it creates the ideal balance of sides for my ideas.
I want a ratio 5208 by 2214 :)

(I used to change the following parameters:
Crop mode v2 and RAW video
But now the line of RAW video stays the same height)
Okey.Thank you :)
Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on April 15, 2021, 03:11:19 AM
Technically, it might be possible to get 30 FPS in all 1x3 presets in Crop mode v1 (crop_rec) also in 1920x1280p 1:1, but didn't try to do it, because these presets won't have continuous recording @ 30 FPS. But might add it in future, because . . why not.

Could it make sense to use the sd_uhs module to activate a continuous record at 30 fps?
Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on April 12, 2021, 05:42:38 PM
Movie tab --> highlight "RAW video" (make sure mlv_lite is enabled) --> press Q button --> Preview --> Framing
And then there's this:
Is it possible to shooting from 30 FPS in Crop Mode, without greatly reducing the resolution? (I wanted to do it in Crop Mode 1, but there is only 24 or 25 available)
Yes, I forgot, I tried this module, but then I get bad quality and not real-time. Is there any way to fix it?
Thank you. Can we talk more about ML Framing?
Hello, everybody. I'm worried about the following things in this firmware:

In Crop-Mode 2 mode, my screen is compressed and it is difficult to display the composition.
When I connect to a device via hdmi, I get an image of poor quality and an incorrect number of frames.
Besides if I connect the device to the camera via hdmi and include mode 4.3k in Crop-mode 1 - I have the hanged image on the connected device.

Can it all be fixed now or expected in the future? Maybe the ADTG module can help, but I haven't found an up-to-date version of it.
Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on August 09, 2020, 09:42:48 AM
Same result on 700D, With HDMI Cable connected:

C0F14254 Controls interlaced and progressive scan for HDMI

Original Value: 0x32090231 Gives 1920x1080i @ 60 Hz
Overriding it to: 0x32090232 Gives 1920x540p @ 30 Hz with cleaner image than 1080i, you can see the noise now
Overriding it to: 0x12090231 Gives 1920x1080p @ 60 Hz ? (Please double check) but with two problems:

The first one you can solve it by tweaking vertical resolution register which is C0F14228 from 0x21B2014 to 0x21B1014, now you have clean image, but the second problem the colors are wrong, not sure how to solve it.

Okay I don't think 0x12090231 Gives a real 1920x1080p @ 60 Hz , it's mostly still interlaced, and the right part of vertical resolution register 0x21B2014 is to fine-tune interlaced lines, doesn't have effect when we @ 1920x540p @ 30 Hz.

Hello. And where did you download this version of adtg? I don't have any such registers
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 650D / T4i
March 26, 2021, 11:38:51 PM
Quote from: Danne on June 30, 2019, 03:58:12 PM
Could you test also this build? Been a long time since I updated for this camera:

Hello. This firmware is no longer being developed for 650d?
Hello. Has anyone tried this on camera 650d?
Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on September 30, 2020, 11:13:31 AM
New Build for 650D
Download link:

-All Changes in the following post:

Hello. The other day I switched to this firmware on my 650d. Very pleased! But unfortunately I encountered the following problem:
When I rotate the wheel to adjust the shutter speed, it is always the same. So visually the light on the picture changes, and the value remains the same as on the attached screenshot. :-[