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Hello @lightwriter

Sorry for the delay:

Your 700D have different shutter blanking addresses, resulting in wrong shutter speeds when using my build, the problem isn't from the build itself, on my 700D it works just fine because the addresses used in my build matches the addresses which my 700D generate, let's say for now some 700D models are different from other 700D models, and your 700D need other shutter blanking addresses.

a1ex did explain this case earlier and I did mention it before, current temporary solution is to release two builds which include the two addresses, or find a way to add them in one build.
I may do it in near future.

is it like mine? When I use shutter 1/50 on canon setting but on ml preview is wrote 1/26.

To solve these problems, you need to use Canon preview, highlight "Raw video" --> Press Q button --> Preview --> set it to "real-time"

Now, everything would work as expected ;D

Nice! thank you..  :D

Hello @ML700D :D!

Sorry for the delay, glad you liked the build ;D

Thanks for reporting, Crop mode module should be disabled in Photo mode to avoid Zoomed preview and "Busy" state when capturing photos, currently you can do it manually, just set "Crop mode" to "OFF", I will prevent "Crop mode" from being ON when we in Photo mode, and will release a new build.
Ohh.. Ok. thanks  :D

The bottom part of preview would have some flickering and weird patterns in presets which have correct real-time previews, this is normal, current solution is to make sure Global Draw is ON, and use mlv_lite module, this will draw black box on this flickering area.
If Global Draw is ON the preview looks jittery
I use mlv_lite module.

I need to know your camera settings to reproduce the issue, which preset have you used? are you in Video mode? which modules are enabled?

I use crop mode UHD Anamorphic 1x3 preset and some setting that you recommended in video mode
the module are mlv_lite, crop_rec, crop_new, dual_iso, ettr and sd_uhs

for first time use without changing the setting is fine then when changing the setting the issue usually comes as I mentioned before, especially change the crop mode setting, even though I've pressed the menu 2x.

You may want to share a video including what are you doing, this make things easier to reproduce the issue.

aahh...I just realized the problem is when the global draw is ON.

Hi again..  :D
I have a problem when the crop_rec is ON then switch to Photo mode and take a photo, the camera got busy quiet long until I turn off and open the battery lid.. I don't know if it's right or not.. but I tried several times it turned out to be the same.

What if triple iso?  just wondering how.. :D

hi again,
after I tried several times now I understand a bit.  :D
when I choose preset the preview looks perfect, I tried UHD 1x3 Anamorphic 1280x2160
as described here

I think this is more than enough for me to take some footage.. @theBilalFakhouri you're great!

btw.. the black bar is not always black sometimes it turn like pink zebra flickering and sometimes the preview doesn't change between normal and zoom.


thanks for the bilal's crop_rec_4k, I installed it few days ago. This is my first camera I bought.
I still confuse actually for the setting when switching between photo and video.. :P
for instance if I set on crop rec new in video mode with 1x3 binning then switch to photo mode the preview zoomed a bit like in video mode, is it normal?
and if I set the crop mode ON the preview always zoomed. How to get actual preview like normal recording? Thanks.

sorry for my bad english  :)

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