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Quick update, Ive been using the new version extensively lately and haven't faced the "leak" issue yet. its been working perfectly so far.

Good example how darkframe affects image by the way.
This wasn't even a even good example of the necessity of using darkfames.
I can't believe only a very few here have been using this feature.

Darkframes make a night and day difference especially in low light or after heavy color grading, Denoising, sharpening and bringing up the shadows.
I'll post a before and after compression video later on.

Do you remember, how you created this darkframe? It is corrupted and this particular MLVApp line of code is correct. Your darkframe shows 139 frames in MLVI.videoFrameCount. This is not correct for a darkframe, so you get the message, which in the end seems not to be so stupid ;) . In the info dialog it shows 1, because image data analysis brought just a frame count of 1. That means the metadata in your darkframe is wrong. If I export this frame as "averaged MLV" again, the message is not shown and MLVI.videoFrameCount is 1.
Okay... that makes sense...
I used MLV_Dump to average my darkframes (before figuring out i could use the MLV App itself) using the following commend:
Code: [Select]
mlv_dump -a "input.mlv" -o "output.mlv"Seems all my darkframes generated by MLV_Dump have the wrong framef count in metadata. My new MLVApp generated darkframes don't exhibit the same issue.
So... have I missed something while using MLV_dump?

Whatever you load... it MUST have more than 1 frame. Maybe you select the wrong file. I tested here and I just get the message if the selected clip is longer 1 frame. So the code works and is correct.

The warning message also pops up everytime before starting and after finishing exporting.

The Darkframe file used for both clips:

Yapp, you just need the package for your target, the compiler and QtCreator. If you are able to start from Creator, compilation was successful. What you need now to run from outside Creator is a "deployment". This collects all needed dlls and copies them to the release folder. But I also would have to search the Qt help to find out how this works on Windows...
Manually copied all the required DLLs into the release folder and it worked.

I just commented this part of the code for now.

Sure. Just do what the message tells. Create an averaged MLV! See export settings. If you don't do it, MLVApp will just load the first frame. And one single frame of your original MLV won't help you at all... that's why the message exists.
Thats exactly what im doing. I generated Averaged Single darkframes. they are only 1 Frame long.
but this annoying message keeps popping up for no reason.

Can we also get rid of this annoying warning message?

Maybe you try the wrong packages. You just need these packages, and then you should hopefully be able to compile as described on github:
This was very helpful!
Stupid me was trying to download all the packages.
Okay I successfully loaded the into QT Creator but wasn't quite sure how to compile it. I "Built" it as "Release" but got the "The Code Execution cannot proceed because QT5core.dll was not found..." message trying to run the generated exe file.
So i just ran it through QT itself and processed a few clips in batch with no issues.
Further help with the compiling process is welcomed. i think i should run some more tests.

I tried to fix it. Here it works since hours now (macOS). Maybe someone else like to try it, also on other platforms. Download, compile, test.  8)
Wow, that was quick.
I totally underestimated you guys. Should've reported the issue mounts ago. i almost age up on MLV App.
Thank you masc.
I guess i'll just wait until someone complies the new version for windows.

I tried installing qt5, but gave up in the middle of the installation.was taking years. maybe i'm doing something wrong. i don't have much experience in programing anyway

Almost all my videos are under 1 min long and the issue still happens to me very frequently even after processing only a dozen of frames. again, the occurrence of the issue seems to very random and unpredictable and possibly dependent on the content of the Darkframe or the clip being processed.

I just tried processing the same sets of MLV clips and Darkframes on the Linux version of MLVApp on a fresh installat of Ubuntu on VMWare; so far everything seems very stable and havent run into the issue yet.

Btw, How do i enable the debug messages?

You dont even need to check the rendered file.when it stops working, your Darkframe will no longer have any effect on any of your clips until you restart the app.
There wont be any Crash or Error, only the Darkframe Subtraction function Silently stops working.

Maybe you put in some information - "doesn't work" doesn't help at all. "they all have the same exact issue" because they all have exact the same feature and code. How to reproduce this? No such problem here, not on Windows, and not on macOS. What means "module stops working"?

You can't really tell if the DarkFrame Subtraction module has stopped working (applying the Subtraction to the clip) until you play and examine your rendered output. (ofc if you know what to look for)
Sometimes the Subtraction only applies to the first few numbers of frames only and stops applying the DarkFrame to the rest of the frames.
The Longer your clip is, the higher the chances of the issue happening. Sometimes it renders all of the clip just fine, and sometimes it stops applying it from frame 1.
to reproduce it you should try to render a few long (preferably High ISO) clips in succession (without closing the App) or in batch, then play and check your output files till the last frame.
I've tried rendering in many different formats and codecs including RAW CinemaDNG, with all the different possible settings in "RAW Correction" module with no success.

DarkFrame Substation seems to be very buggy.
It stops applying the darkframe after a certain amount of frames or clips rendered, without any warning or error message. very unpredictable.
Everytime the module stops working i have to close and reopen MLV App to get it working again. but everything else continues to work perfectly fine.
I tried a few older versions of MLV App, even the 32 bit ones. they all have the same exact issue for me.
Im on Windows 10 Pro x64.

Modules Development / 48FPS Dual ISO?
« on: December 11, 2020, 05:57:45 AM »
Anyone tested Dual ISO in 48+ FPS mode?
for some reason i get a very weird flickering.

crop_rec and derived builds / Re: Danne's crop_rec_4k & ISO experiments
« on: December 07, 2020, 07:43:51 PM »
Hi Danne and thank you for everything you've done for this community.

Is it possible to set/lock the HDR live-view preview only on 1 ISO?
in other words, can we stop the constant Flashing/Switching between the 2 ISOs in HDR mode while recording?
Becsaue it makes it almost unusable and impossible to see what youre shooting every other 5 seconds.

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