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BitBucket is not working anymore...
Is there anywhere else I can get the script to patch QEMU?


Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 700D / T5i
« on: October 11, 2020, 10:22:51 PM »
Thanks Danne.

Bilal is there any chance you'll test this?

I'll get an environment ready to compile but it would take me some time.


I Have a special version of the Android App which should suites the last build.
In this one when you open the App you'll see the same screen as the Camera LiveView, but when you'll single-press the screen it would enlarge only portion of the screen - where the real image is (And not black edges etc')

I Currently use this with HDMI-INPUT 1920x1080, and 4.3k preset. I'm not sure how this will look with the other modes.

But it's really cool that you can see a big preview :-)

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 700D / T5i
« on: October 10, 2020, 09:59:57 PM »

What preset? 16:9? Are the other ones working better?


I didn't push it to the git yet, a local repo (So what I've published earlier should work anyway).

All Presets are working great, I just wanted to see it on my entire phone-screen.

The problem was that in that build, the fixed liveview contains a rect at the top of the screen with the real image, so I've pulled it down to the center, and then scaled it to fit my entire screen.
I need to slice the configuration (shutter etc') from the bottom, because its out of the screen, thanks to the changes above :-)

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 700D / T5i
« on: October 10, 2020, 08:23:56 PM »
Yes, still going 25fps because 24fps didnt fix it  :'(

Anyways, no need to move the liveview now, I did the following in the Android-APP:

1. Stretch HDMI-INPUT to the bottom & to the sides
2. move the entire INPUT down

Result (Screenshot from my phone):

Only problem is that u cant see current shooting configuration. Perhaps I'll slice the bottom (Which isn't on the screen) and paste it.
Not sure how much work this is 

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 700D / T5i
« on: October 10, 2020, 07:58:23 PM »
Tried it now - WORKS GREAT!!!! Thanks!

Also, You are correct, the preview colors look better.

Couple of questions:
1. Are you going to change the position of the liveview? (Like - putting it in the center?), I need to know because I plan to change the Android-App to stretch the image to the entire screen, removing the black edges (Bigger image, No flickering or black!).

2. Out of 60 seconds 3 seconds with pink flickering. Its not only in ur build, it also happened in Danne's build. Does this happen because the camera CPU is under heavy usage? (This doesnt happen in NON-HDMI), Lowering the resolution should fix it?

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 700D / T5i
« on: October 10, 2020, 03:05:05 PM »
3. Thanks!
4. In Danne's build its working perfectly. How can the addresses be different? Aren't we running the same 1.1.5 Firmware?

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 700D / T5i
« on: October 10, 2020, 02:31:02 PM »
1- Yes, you should be in Full Canon preview when you are using HDMI with Real-Time Correct Preview presets, you can toggle between full canon preview and small preview by pressing INFO button.
2- I had flickering on sides problem in the official builds too, this problem not related to this build exclusively, it's related to mlv_lite, also to crop_rec with the new presets, nothing to do, you can get rid of it by pressing Menu button twice or refresh LiveView.
3- Yeah, Focus peaking isn't working fine when using HDMI, this problem are there in the official builds too, not related to this build, no idea how to fix it.
4- I don't have this problem, any steps to reproduce the problem? can you explain more what settings are using and mode etc.. ?

I've also replied at the other thread.

1. O.K, just wanted to let you know
3. Yes, as I wrote in that post - It didnt work on Danne's build aswell :-(, I Hoped that mybe you have any clue about this.
4. Do you simply change the shutter speed from the main screen while in Manual mode? its number has red color, and when I go to the Magic Lantern menu it is stuck at 1/26.
Perhaps I should just ignore what's written in the ML menu?
Is there any way to check in-camera the REAL shutter speed?

General Chat / Re: Fix 1x3 mode Liveview Using An Android phone
« on: October 10, 2020, 02:26:50 PM »
Hi Bilal,

Currently on

I was trying your build and it's really cool, but I had some issues:

I Really need the shutter speed to work & Focus peaking in the LiveView.

Also I've tried other Android apps and none use the full-width of my phone.

You can use this app for regular ratio aswell.

While writing this comment I've seen you've replied in the other thread.
I will post my 700d-related comments in that post.

But first I wish to reply about your latest comment:
"even if you used this method to correct the preview it won't be accurate or perfectly correct"

It is corrected because I stretch the image myself. The only problem is that the original LiveView doesnt contain 20% of the lower part of the image.

But - if anyone is using a different Camera/Build with the LiveView problem, it is much better than having a small squeezed screen.

Don't get me wrong - your version is great and I will probably use it soon & make some adjustments to make it appear on my entire Android screen.

About Focus-Peaking:
If There's really no way to solve this, I might try to do it in the Android App itself. Don't know how hard it'll be yet.

Share Your Videos / A Morning At The Park... 700D 2.35:1 1x3
« on: October 10, 2020, 12:55:47 PM »
Just a morning at the park :-)

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 700D / T5i
« on: October 10, 2020, 12:42:06 PM »
Cool. I think I'll wait for a cleaned up build though  :P.
Regarding shutter speed it's probably related to shutter blanking. theBilalFakhouri is aware about that so hopefully he will take a look.

Uploaded it here:

General Chat / Fix 1x3 mode Liveview Using An Android phone
« on: October 10, 2020, 12:41:18 PM »

Shooting with the 1x3 mode is a bit hard, as the live view is small and squeezed.

After I've seen Zeek's video and found out theres an option to use my phone as a screen, I came up with an idea.

I've decided to make an Android app that would stretch the image, so we can use a bigger screen & see the way it really is.

Camera Screen:

Phone with my app (6.1 inch Android 9):

The camera output (MLV FILE):

Pay attention. About 20% of the lower part of the final image is being cut out. I think this is because the original preview does not contain that data.


Using the app:

1. Enter the App

2. Choose HDMI input res:

Use 1920x1080 unless you have a good reason not to

3. Choose current preset mode:

(I've tested only 2.35:1 and 16:9)

4. You'll get a blank black screen

5. Connect everything, while your camera is OFF (Otherwise there might be some artifacts. This can be fixed by turning the camera off and on)

6. Make sure you're on the first LiveView option (Do not press INFO, it might cause corrupted frames in the final video)

App Download Link:

Github Project:

The problem with stretching is that it depends on your screen ratio. For example if you dont have a wide phone, you would have to either
1. Use a smaller height with the same width, so it will fill the entire screen, but you'll see a much smaller image
2. Stretch it so you'll see only a portion of the image, but at the correct aspect ratio.

My phone worked O.K with 2.35:1, so I've only stretched it to the entire screen. If you have a different phone screen ratio you can make changes to the code to make it match ur screen.

I've currently tested only HDMI-INPUT 1920x1080 & aspect ratio of 2.35:1 and 16:9. If you test anything else and have any issues please write here.

This project is based on
(I didn't even change App's Icon) and has code that I didn't write. Use this app at your own risk :-)

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 700D / T5i
« on: October 09, 2020, 06:52:38 PM »
Using this build:
for 700d.

I've tried changing to 24 fps but with no luck :\ Perhaps the HDMI to USB recorder i'm using is causing some issues, But thats a bit strange...

Is there any place I can access the source of that build?


The app is based on:
which is based on some other repo...
I've mostly deleted lots of stuff and added the stretch code.

Currently It only stretches to support 2.35 ratio, and there's some code-mess.
If you'll still wish to get the source before I make some order & clean up I'll create a repo and upload it.

Here is a link to the APK:

1. I've looked at the other git repos, and from a quick look - it seems O.K, but that code was not written by me, so use this app at your own risk :-)
2. Tested it on my phone screen ratio, I have no idea how it would look on your screen (Would appericiate a screenshot though).
3. My phone is running Android 9
4. If people need this I can add other stuff such as choosing the desired ratio etc'

How to install:
allow install apk from unknown sources

Simply run the app. It would show a blank black screen. Once you plug in the otg cable it would tell you it has recognized the camera.
The best camera liveview mode is the last one (by clicking 'info'), but any should work.
In Bilal's build only the second preview works. The first doesn't show any image.

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 700D / T5i
« on: October 09, 2020, 04:13:42 PM »
Very Cool!

I'm using an Android phone as a screen and found some issues when using this version with HDMI:
(I'm using the 4.3k preset)
1.  In order to get HDMI to work, I need to press the 'info' once, otherwise no image is being updated
2. Sometimes there's a strange and wierd flickering on the sides
3. Focus Peaking doesn't work, just shows lots of noise at the bottom
4. Probably not related to HDMI - I can't set the shutter speed. It's stuck at 1/26 and ignores my cannon shutter speed. I've tried going into the ML menu and change it but I can only change the 'TV' which doesn't seem to affect the shutter?

Because of '2' and '3' I Decided to also check this in Danne's Build listed above.

I've built (Based on source code online with some changes) a small Android app that gets HDMI input and stretches it. The result is actually pretty cool:


Vs Phone (6.1 inch):

It seems like Danne's build also has issues with the HDMI:
1. Focus Peaking doesn't work here aswell
2. After recording, I've checked the videos in my computer. it seems like every few seconds there a PINK corrupted frame. This doesn't happen If i record without HDMI.

Any idea how to fix the Focus Peaking & Shutter?

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 700D / T5i
« on: September 19, 2020, 10:16:51 AM »

Really Really cool

Some questions regarding the regular Crop Mode (Because I would like to use the fixed Live-View):

1. All presets are 23.976 fps. Can I change it to 25 via the menu option?

2. Can the 4.5k anamorphic mode resolution be changed? (I prefer going 2.35 ratio)

In the other Danne's build, I could use the 5k Anamorphic and change resolution from the mlv_lite, and also have 25 fps.


Share Your Videos / Re: Corona Days - 4k Anamorphic - 700d
« on: September 17, 2020, 07:50:28 PM »
Unfortunately, each build have different presets, I am working on new 700D build which have the latest developments also with all presets in one build, it may take some days to make it . .
You should enable the preset in x5 Mode, then when you enable the preset we are patching x5 mode back to 1x3 Mode, the result would be like normal 1x3 Anamorphic Mode without cropping, we are using x5 mode only to achieve the real-time correct preview.

I don't need all presets... only the 1:3 one.

Is the sd_uhs module in that liveview build is the regular one, or the one with the 68 MB/s?

Anyway, I'm going to download it and test it, thanks! :-)

Share Your Videos / Re: Corona Days - 4k Anamorphic - 700d
« on: September 17, 2020, 06:27:02 AM »
Well, now you can see what exactly what you're filming in 1x3 Mode using the New Correct (Un-Stretched) Preview:;topicseen#msg230933

Maximum speed on 700D is 68 MB/S if you used this sd_uhs from this post ;D

Wow, cool, I see it's from yesterday, great timing :-)
is the un-scretch version exactly as
with only un-scretching, or are there additional differences aswell?

Also, I'm not sure I 100% understand - Do I have to use the 5x crop mode? Because I prefer not going into crop.

The sd-uhs imporvement is also very interesting

Share Your Videos / Re: Corona Days - 4k Anamorphic - 700d
« on: September 16, 2020, 08:50:25 PM »
Before using Magic Lantern, I've mode a long long research..... I'll post what I know here, but please verify before counting on it :-).

1. I'm not using the 4k experimental build. That build has 4K, but not for the 700D. Also, in order to use larger resolutions you will have to use the 'Crop' Mode, which I like less. Mainly because I'm using the 18-135 lens, and I cannot get the effect of the lower range.

The build I'm using is a bleeding edge build, that as far as I know only 700D and EOS-M are currently supported for.
Link to post:

Link to download (700d):

In this build, I can use the 1x3 mode. It's not so easy to explain, and I hope I understand it correctly - but when recording video, the 700d (and many other non-high-end-camears), are skipping some of the pixels of the sensor (Thats why you can get high res photos, but only 1080p video). That might cause Aliasing and Moire.
The Bleeding edge 1x3 mode allows you to record ALL line-pixels, which means no aliasing or moire. Also, the mode allows you to record at a higher resolution than possible in other modes.
But the higher resolution is not exacctly "normal". Because you're getting more line pixels, the image is going to look squeezed, so you have to scretch it later on in an editing software.
So my final output is upscaled 4K, BUT, all my line-pixels-data was not scaled because I had more of them.

I hope it makes some sense. If not, I can try to explain it again (or you can just search the forum...)

In this mode you cant see exactly what you're filming, because it's scretched. but you can click "info" a few times and see what you are actually filming (but in a lower fps).
you can still work with it, you just need some practice, but its not the best...

2. I like the 700d, but there are some limitation that you must know:

2.1 The maximum sd speed, even with the UHS module is only at about 50MB/s, so you wont be able to record at the rates EOS-M can
2.2 The autofocus is annoying, and I mostly work with manual focus. And its even harder with the small screen/scretched image.
2.3 The screen is not that big...

3. If it's for the screen alone I'm not sure if you should upgrade/buy the 700d, because you can use ZEEK trick (Which is really cool, but I didnt try it yet), and mount your phone.
You will get a bigger screen, and you can probably tilt it.

Share Your Videos / Corona Days - 4k Anamorphic - 700d
« on: September 15, 2020, 08:21:31 PM »

I've made a short "Corona Days" film/clip.

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