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I am getting an error when recording in 16:9 4.5k using hdmi on the 650d. The recording has many pink frames and stops quickly, with any other mode this does not happen. It also crashes and stops recording, leaving the following .log file in the main folder.

at mlv_lite.c:2916 (compress_task), task compress_task
lv:1 mode:3

compress_task stack: 1ab138 [1ab1c8-1aa1c8]
0x0007EB50 @ b05080:1ab168
0x0007E478 @ 7ebac:1ab138

Magic Lantern version : crop_mood.2023Aug19.650D104
Mercurial changeset   : NO HG
Built on 2023-08-19 09:00:42 UTC by bilal@DESKTOP-27BNL6E.
Free Memory  : 121K + 3337K
Quote from: The Penguin on December 27, 2021, 02:57:58 PM

- First, I can confirm that the magic lantern menu does not open in video mode.
- I tried both raw recording options. The module (v.2.0) does not load. mlv_lite (v 1.1) loads but when hitting the record button in video mode I get a message "Occupied.. please wait" on to of the screen and a lot of errors showing: "Data corruption at slot 24".

To enter the menu in video mode press the AV and SET button at the same time.

The mlv_rec module works perfectly fine from the first day I use it.
First of all thanks for all the work, I am excited that magic lantern finally works in this camera.
I found a couple of bugs (I think so) ...
1. The magic lantern menu does not open in video mode.
2. If you are in manual mode then you use Live View and open the magic lantern menu the menu will flicker every 3 seconds or so.
3. The option to change the white balance in magic lantern does not work, it stays stuck with the one you put in the canon menu.
4. ML Digital Iso does not work, if you change it the screen will be black and you will record black.
amazing work!
There is no percentage to know how it goes? :'(