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Movie tab -> RAW video (MLV) -> [Q] -> Global Draw Allow

Thank you! I appreciate your help! I have been noticing I lose my modules tab when I format the CF card from the camera, so I just cut the videos off it for now without formatting, even though I am sure keep ML is selected

Yes but you reduce the record time & there will not be continuous recording in the higher res e.g. 1856x1044 , 1856x928 .
Best option is to use HDMI (forced to 480p) out to a cheap evf/monitor with crop marks (but i never use them) , this will give continuous recording in the higher res .

I've been thinking about getting a monitor, I hear you could force 720p out though, don't know if that is true. I'm going to try in 1856x776, I always record that way (2.39:1) for now.

Top of page -> Downloads -> Downloads (drop down menu) -> Experiments -> 10/12-bit RAW video

Thanks! Also, I have noticed the cropmarks in the Overlay menu dont appear once I am recording, is there any way to get some marks for reference when recording 2:39, since I can use them before recording but once I start it just goes to full view. Also, is there any kind of timer or timecode available so I know for how long I've been recording? I see that appears sometimes, for example when I enabled HDR video just to test it, but after disabling everything but mlv_rec, play and snd it wont appear anymore


@okayokay: this build is bleeding edge and work in progress. If it is anoying for you, I recommend to implement the features you need yourself, or you wait until it is "ready" or you use another build.

Somehow the nightly build for the 5D2 doesn't offer an option for 10bit raw video. That selection is the only reason I am using this build, do you know of any other I could use? Thanks

Hey, I just began trying Magic Lantern on my 5D II, I am using the 3K build to record at 2.39:1 at 10 bit, 1856x776, but I got a few problems

One, when recording, I don't have crop marks so I have to guess the framing, how can I enable it?

Also, I cant enable mlv_play in modules at the same time as mlv_rec and mlv snd or I get an

ttc: error: undefined symbol 'lossless_decompress_raw' [e] failed to link modules

That gets annoying, since I can't preview my RAW videos, which BTW, I find having some extreme noise all over the images in some cases, even in lit scenes, the shadows are full of that annoying noise, but I guess it is what it is, can't complain

Also, I am looking to buy a cheap monitor so I can nail focus easier, I have heard you can force HD signal off the 5DII, anyone has tried playing back a clip with a monitor attached and had no problems?


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