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I'm (frustrated) owner of Canon 50D and Samyang 35mm f/1.4 AS UMC AE lens. For a long time a was haunted by rapidly discharging camera. Not even when it use, but I just let it sit powered off for a week or so only to find it completely discharged. First I blamed old battery, but after buying new one and noticing virtually zero difference I started getting suspicious.

Finally, thank's to COVID lockdown, I found some time for debugging. After plugging with my multimeter in serial with battery I discovered that with only that specific lens my camera, even when disabled with "off" switch, is constantly draining 8-9mA of current - where stock lens is sucking 0.3-0.4mA.
Another thing confirming the issue is that when putting battery back into camera, even when disabled, I can definitely hear motor clicking inside the lens - and multimeter confirms that voltage is supplied to lens connector even when body is powered off.

Is there any way to alter this behaviour by Magic Lantern? Do you have any other ideas how to deal with such issue?


Is there any way to prevent camera from supplying voltage to lens when suspended/powered off? I11