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Thanks for the clarification
Important point because I ran into trouble auto focus with 5D ii
I am very close to buying Ninja I need encouragement

Please, what do you think of the ninja?
Advise me, buy one because I own 5D iv and the magic lantern isn’t working on it
Or  buy a used 5D III that works with the magic lantern
Please help me make the appropriate decision

Thank you very useful video
Sharpness is the magic lantern
Reliability at work and the ability to record long films in favor of atomos ninja
I see a slight difference in serenity between the Ninja and the Magic Lantern
I'm confused
Which of the following options is the best note that I have a 5D iv
Would you buy a 5D iii used with a magic lantern
Or buy atomos ninja with 5D iv

I hope those interested can participate and provide examples that help in making the right choice

On which camera?

Let's say any camera
If someone is able to make a fair comparison with the shooting conditions themselves, everyone can benefit in determining their choice and needs
If Atomos ninja is a bit close to a magic lantern, it's a better option because you can shoot long scenes and you can take advantage of the camera's advantages
For example, I have a 5D iv and unfortunately there is no version of the magic lantern, so what is the best option to buy 5D iii with a magic lantern or buy Atomos ninja to use it with 5D iv or any camera

I apologize if the discussion is misplaced, and if the supervisor wants to transfer the conversation to a new, separate topic in the general section, I hope so because this topic may be of interest to many who have no magic lantern version of their camera.

I wish we could have a real and fair comparison between the Atomos ninja and the magic lantern
If Atomos ninja is close to the quality of raw movies, it can be beneficial, especially in recording long films

I apologize if the place is wrong for the question
Is there a video comparison between atomos ninja and magiclantern?

Comparison between 5D iv and Ninja v5
Rec on ninja seems better in two points
1- Colors
2- Dealing with shadow
This is a preliminary comparison and is not considered a final rule because I may not have much practice using ninja as this is the first time
Ninja works best with other cameras because 5D iv does not send 10bit signal via HDMI
I will compare the most accurate to this week

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