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So, do I uninstall current magic lantern and replace with the 4k experimental build from the ground up?

Appreciated!   :)
One quick question:  in te movie menu option, mine ends at Movie Tweaks, no 4k etc options...does anyone know wy?

It worked!  Amazing!  :)  Thank you so much
I found this on the ML site:

Will Method B under the "Installation" section actually downgrade me from 1.3.6 to 1.2.3?  Is this a viable workaround?
Is it risky, could I brick my camera?

Any help/advice appreciated!  Thank you guys

I wish I could somehow contribute, I just know not one thing about coding, firmware, stubs or anything like that.  It seems that it's a complex process that will take time that people can sometimes generously donate.  Might just have to swallow the fact that I can only record 720p @ 60fps (definitely a first world problem, I get it).  :)

Thank you to anyone who has or is going to donate their time to this.
Hey guys, I'm a noob here and in the 5D3/1.3.6 club.  Just seeing if there is any progress running ML on 1.3.6, I would dearly
love to run ML.
UPDATE:  Just got email back from the canon guy closer to my home.  He said

"I don't think so Phil, I could try and reload an old backup of the software, but that could be very dangerous – could brick the camera.
Sorry, too risky".

I can see it from his point of view of, him being a repairman and not wanting to take that risk.  But man what a bummer!  :(
Thanks for the reply guys.  I don't know QEMU or dev mode is!  Sounds complex.  I have just started my photography course and it would be so handy to have access to different video settings, I find it really annoying that Canon prevent the downgrade.  Is this what people mean when they say Canon "cripple" their products.

The answer I got was from the Auckland branch of canon, I contacted the guy in Timaru (south island, nz) so fingers crossed he can do something...
Hi guys, I'm new to ML and own a 5D iii running firmware 1.3.6.  I just called canon New Zealand and they said the ONLY way to downgrade to 1.2.3 so I can get ML is to send in my camera and they re-install a new motherboard PCB or some such thing, costing $600 NZ dollars!

Does anyone know of any way at all (apart from sending it to Canon) to downgrade to 1.2.3?

kind regards