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Is there any manual for exact thing wit premiere pro?

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thx for a great constructive feedback. i must tell that everything that can go wrong went wrong. I havnt watched more than 5 weddingvideos in total so im pretty unbiaced. Next time will be alot better.

Catastrophies that occured:

- traffic chaos made us late to the wedding
- gimbal batteries ended during ceremony
- cf card got full during ceremony
- camerabattery failed during ceremony.

it all happened so fast. i had not 1 minute to stand still and get focus. also while on gimbal its impossible to focus.

on the way from church to the dinner i tried downloading the mlv files to a laptop to empty the cf card but the laptop was full.

it was the most disasterous weddingshoot ever in history i bet.  that said the bride n groom were ok with the results.

I agree. Nextime.

- tripod
- more focus on the guests
- second shooter!!
- getting focus

For my next endevour. glad someone found it fun at least. :)

Ps why not same colour = i cc in acr forgot to save preset. Hard to get same colour again. Timeconsuming. Got payed very little.
i agre there is alot of shake. newtime ill be sure to use tripod. i shot handheld because batteries of my 3axis gimbal ran out. n00bish misstakes.

i dont agree compleate with sun is bad tho. it makes color pop, afternoon sun. Heavy cloudy day dosnt do rawvideo justice.
1 can mlv raw be exported and uploaded to youtube in hdr? (just read that tube now streams hdr content)

2 how to do this? containers, programs, formats via premiere pro?

3. dont edit on a hdr screen so i cant se the increased color range but one might get lucky?
post process was

- mlv producer or/and mlv mystic to uncomp dngs

1. imort to ae
2. higlight adjustments in acr , minor colour tweek in acr
3. (sadly i forgot to set 16bit timeline, so 8bit export to uncompressed.avi from ae)
4. all .avis arranged in premiere pro
5. export to 150mbps mp4 file from premiere pro

oh that cost 60bucks. maby when i do commercial stuff ill buy.
got a tip not using uncompressed avi on export but instead use  prores. but i cant find it under quicktime render options/format?
Had really really bad luck with cloudy wether. were hoping for the colours to pop during sunlight, but 90% were cloudy. also it was extremely stressful with all gear, 2 cameras. (i was one man band), i know i need another cameraman if i do another gig. but it was fun.

well its 20minutes compressed down to a 3minute wedding trailer all shot in raw.

give lots of constructive feedback i know i have alot to learn. im sad there were to much clouds n shades thruought the video though.

(watch in 4k) ((must watch on a pc))
i know most things about the cinematic look. just dont want filmconvert screwing up epic canon skintones. i must be using filmconvert wrong though. ill try the further above tip.
i shoot raw with 50d and t4i  and get a very nice picture right out of acr. skintones are beautiful, albleit a bit too wide range of colours in other parts of the image.  i dont use log/flat image right now, loving the canon original colours.

when applying filmconvert every preset gives wierd brownish or to orangy skintones. needing to lower filmconverts colour to 15% to be usable but it makes little difference to the picture.

is it this way, am i doin wrong? (will start using a log profile soon though)
Raw Video / 50d vs 5d3 raw quality
August 17, 2017, 06:57:22 AM
what ive seen compairing these two (am i right?)

1080p image is very close to eachother.

5d3 has a slight increase in

- resolution (5d3 a bit sharper in 1080p)
- low light (5d3 better)
- dynamic range (a little bit more stop in 5d3)


its pretty minor. colours are practically same. the 1080p image in 24p of these two cameras is practically the same. the image quality of the 5d3 is around 10% better.

am i right or wrong here?
Raw Video / Re: best format to publish raw video?
August 15, 2017, 09:34:56 PM
do you use nv and dark energy noice reducer even for bright lit scenes? noise only for dark scenes right?

has anyone any example on a clip with dark energy texture vs same clip whout texture. im not so fond of grain added by filmconvert. real filmgrain is much more scene dependant and organic.

sry for being a tad ot, but all this talk about dark energy plugin got me curious.

Raw Video / Re: best format to publish raw video?
August 15, 2017, 07:20:53 AM
ok so you all know im pretty new at this, does prores contain audio?. when uploading to youtube or vimeo  it sounded like a great idea letting the only compression be vimeo.

but what about audio? or does prores contain audio?

Raw Video / Re: 50D raw
August 14, 2017, 08:47:34 PM
when i press the 5x zoom i dont get 1080p as an option.
how do you press after pressing 5x zoom ( to get 1080p)?
Raw Video / Re: best format to publish raw video?
August 14, 2017, 08:23:56 PM
yeah i do most colorcorecting in acr. so i just do minor cc in ae. cool, so my avi workflow is not degrading the images, but i agree, a bit clunky editing with uncompressed avi, (as big as the mlv files themselves or even bigger).

im not used to  prores files, and i thought uncompressed avi had better quality than prores, albleit very large files?

anyway,its when i edit these files in premiere pro, that the 200mb/s output mp4 file have a big degradation compared to the uncompressed .avi files used for editing. reedecity,  you seem to have loads of insights, is there a way around degradation from the avi to .mp4? or is it just that way with compression?

(this was my initial question)

1. mlv to dngs
2. import dngs to acr
3. basic cc in acr
4. 8bit composition, minor cc in ae
5. export to uncompressed .avi file
6. edit these files in premiere pro

7. export to 200mbps .mp4 file (here is where i see degradation and quality loss)
Raw Video / Re: best format to publish raw video?
August 14, 2017, 07:01:08 AM
Paul, so what i can take from this is that the colour degradation from 14 to 8 bit via working in a 8 bit environment in ae is p
retty amazing. my problem was never that i thought i had bad colors. in fact im 110% satisfied  of the color acr gives me. my question in the topic refered more to compression issues of avi to .mp4.

having worked with many 8bit cameras where sky gets banding from the slightest change to the image. the 14bit raw files in a 8bit workspace never get banding in aftereffects and typical 8bit problems like breaking during cc. WHY IS THAT? :o

Raw Video / Re: best format to publish raw video?
August 09, 2017, 10:17:28 PM
again i dont get any color banding or other typical 8bit problems when importing dngs to a 8bit timeline in ae. in fact the color is pristine when exported to uncompressed avi.

do i really degrade footage?

i see the degradation after .mp4 export though.
Raw Video / Re: best format to publish raw video?
August 09, 2017, 05:58:59 PM
but is the damage already done really? i never get 8bit banding in sky importing it into a 8bit sequence. colours are also amazing. making me wonder? anyways i dont have a hdr screen.
Raw Video / Re: best format to publish raw video?
August 09, 2017, 07:11:43 AM
Quote from: bpv5P on August 08, 2017, 11:50:40 PM
No, it will actually increase the size of your file.Absolutelly no. Where did you heard it?Export on Lagarith. Import on Handbrake Nightly build. Encode using 2-pass 30MB/s (no more). Enable Sharpen filter and deblocking in filter tab.
This will produce a smaller file size and the loss of quality will be unperceptible for basically any person (assuming your footage is 1080p - if it's 2-4K, you need higher bitrate; 50MB/s is enough).
Your assumption that a 200MB/s H.264 encoded video is loosing quality is probably placebo (or nocebo).

Also, no need to buy Cinelog-C. The MLVProducer with Alexa-Log does basically de same, and the author could not provide evidence that his DCP is better than free alexa-log implementation.

thx, i have my work cut out for me learning handbrake and all these new things. thx for all tips very much.

1. its not placebo, but im sitting very close to a 75inch tv while editing, im pixelpeeping.

2. my "thought" is that 4k downscaled to 1080p is scientifically prooven to increase quality, therore i thought that upscaling to 4k, render in 4k would gain me more bitrate per second  while watching it downscaled on my tv, thus more total quality per second.     

(i will try this and post results)

(but im theorizing here)
Raw Video / Re: best format to publish raw video?
August 09, 2017, 07:04:09 AM
ahh. ive shoulda done that. i like that tip.

can i just aswell make a 16bit sequence in ae and import the dng to that sequence? (to suit my workflow)?  then render to .avi? it should be as good as cineformgopro to edit with?

aftereffects avi is uncompressed an  keeps the bitrate?
Raw Video / Re: best format to publish raw video?
August 08, 2017, 09:51:21 PM
Neither publish nor archive. Want to give a client a usb with a high quality mp4 for them to play on pc or to tv.

200mbps mp4 dual pass from is a bit irritatingly far away from cinemadngs in terms of quality.

1. will filmgrain help when compressing to mp4 . (keeping the organic feel of raw)?

2. will upscaling to 4k before compressing to +200mbps help maby, or both? (this ive heard is good for publishing on youtube). 4k bitrate higher online.

any other tips?

PS PAUL hartwood. im on win10, i actually have bought  cinelog c, havnt gotten into it yet, but i really like the natural colour of acr with a slight saturation gain for a start. really magical canon colours, i place dng folders in a 8bit sequence in aftereffects then export as a totally uncompressed AVI file straight from ae.

im guessing its alot like a prores 444 file?

then edit in premiere. but the mp4 leaves some to be desired. its good but i still think it could be better. im sitting 2 meters from a 75 inch tv when editing an watching content, maby thats why i see the degradation so well. hmm.
Raw Video / best format to publish raw video?
August 08, 2017, 04:08:01 PM
whenever i export from raw dngs to .mp4 (dual vbr) 150mbps- 200mbps via aftereffects or  premiere pro i can still see the quality degradation.

is there just the way it is?
Share Your Videos / Re: The 50D in all it's RAW glory.
August 03, 2017, 11:06:06 AM
yes. yeah i get ut.

anywys 100% pro except for some water scenes. epic.
im loving the 50d! :)

Quote from: Newpz84 on July 09, 2017, 10:36:55 PM
Color correction is always a choice. There's no wrong. It's like saying the Matrix was too green. It's all about personal preference and that's why it's so much fun. The choice to make the water scenes saturated was just that, a choice. But thanks for the professional critique. This edit was simply a montage of random shots around the city of Portland to give my 80 year old mother (who lives on the other side of the country) an idea of what the area is like.

I shoot in Canon Prolost Flat.
MlRawViewer to convert to DNGs.
Adobe Camera Raw to apply VisionLOG profile. Tweak highlights and shadows.
Apply LUTs in after effects.
Aspect Ratio is 2.35:1
Shot in both Crop and Non-Crop mode.

Colors can be whatever you like, here's a few different options applied. The last (Osiris Vision 6) is what ended up in the edit for the water shots.

Really nice.  How did you get the slowmo shots? what framerate was it recorded with?

I really liked the type of slowmo in the video :)
My workflow (i only shoot raw)

1. mlv producer/mlv mystic, create dng folder.
2. acr via adobe aftereffects
3. export to avi via aftereffects.

Imort avi files to Premiere pro

edit, but what to export? 100mb/s mp4 file?

also the uncompressed avi files ar HUGE. am i working wrong?