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Standard interlacing would take 2 lines (to make sure you have RGBG included within that line) per stripe, and then break a 25 frame/s (40ms) timeline into a 50 field/s timeline, packing an 'upper' and 'lower' fields (20ms) taken sequentially but packed into one 40ms frame as far as the codec is concerned.

If you want max HDR and framerate in low data rate (ignoring compression), then you would have a different gain or exposure time on each stripe. Since I don't think the 5D2 can do different exposure times for individual stripes, then you have a few options:

1) In frame 1, you have the up field low gain, the down field high gain, then in frame 2 you have the up field high gain and down field low gain. This minimises the time that errors can accumulate that are hard to correct for (motion).

2) It may be possible to actually interlace using single (incomplete colour) lines, RG lines and GB lines, as long as you invert which one has the gain per field each frame

3) If you have the option to sample the pixels individually, you could effectively interlace in stripes of 2 lines (complete colour data) in horizontal and vertical directions, with each RGBG subset alternating high-gain, low-gain, then low gain, high gain, for 4 fields / 2 frames. This would minimise the chance for errors while maximising dynamic range and frame rate for the lowest data rate.

Hey, just wondering if there is any way to get an interlaced mode enabled for 5Dii 1:1 pixel 3 x crop mode (10bit raw), without dual ISO? It would give us 1920 x 1080 @ 50fps for half the data rate?

Thank you for your awesome work, I've been having a blast with 1920 x 1080 (ish) 10bit 24fps RAW

I was wondering, since Avisynth has such great deinterlacing modules, would it be possible to do a 1080i at up to 30p (60 frames) per second?

The only reference to interlacing I could find on this site was to do with doing HDR and interlacing the light and dark exposures.

This would mean that effectively you were capturing 1920 x 540 worth of bandwidth, but easily able to interpolate it to double frame rate full resolution.

Also, I understand that LJ92 lossless compression isn't yet unlocked in 5Dii, but I was wondering what the current status is or whether it is off the development map (if I've missed the ML thread, let me know).

Until I can afford a BMPCC this has been fantastic

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