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understood, thanks for letting me know

Thanks for the quick reply guys,
That's so weird because in this link this is what he stated which was replacing the with a custom one which i had done

This build
- is based on crop_rec_4k_mlv_lite_snd
- lossless RAW video compression is enabled (thanks to a1ex for help)
- FPS override is enabled thanks to a finding of David_Hugh (there is still a small glitch)
- does include a custom variation of sd_uhs from theBilalFakhouri with selectable 160/192/240MHz presets
- focus stacking and related features are enabled, was a just a matter of activating the feature as all work was already done by a1ex
- uses #undef FEATURE_ARROW_SHORTCUTS, so this feature won't pop-up unexpectedly in LV
- does include a dualiso module with standard register addresses. For my cam I need alternative ones. You can get them here:

Link to his build/post:

So I successfully Installed Magic Lantern on my 70D, everything works perfectly! Only issue dual iso isnt working?

 I'm getting a message that says "Dual ISO does not work in movie mode on your camera"

Thanks in advance

Share Your Videos / Michelob Ultra Advertisement Shot on Canon EOS M
« on: September 30, 2020, 02:43:48 AM »
Hey guys, shot a new ad on the Canon EOS M for Michelob Ultra Pure Gold. Let me know what you guys think! 8)

Thanks for sharing. Would be interesting for us on what your process with ML was. Build, settings, lenses, post/grading approach etc...

Thanks for the feedback Bakerdonzen! So I'm shooting on the latest build of ML, Always shoot using mv1080 +22mm lens, then throw a 1.5x stretch in MLVAPP,  exported ProRes4444 BMD Film to FCPX, created based on the M31 LUT!


What up fam!

We filmed our 1st brand deal of 2020 with using the Canon EOS M. Edited by me; Sonny Sheehan.

Ad campaign by creative duo by buddy Charlie Klaesius & Sonny Sheehan in Miami, Florida featuring headphones from Walmart in house tech brand Blackweb.

Looking forward to all the coming work 2020 is going to offer us and we're super blessed to be using Magic Lantern

Future plans include starting a YouTube Series called "Modern Outlaws" filmed strictly using Magic Lantern.


So I have an SLR Magic Anamorphot 50 1:3:3 lens adapter and just ordered the Canon EOS M with an 18-55 kit lens & 22mm. I'd like to throw the anamorphic adapter on the 18-55mm kit lens. My 1st question is will there be a crop in the live view since I'm using the kit lens with autofocus? If I do get a crop what autofocus lens would you guys recommend for no crop on live view? Or is this fixed with that new MCM LIVE rewire update?

My 2nd question is does Magic Lantern shoot anamorphic video? If so I would not need to Anamorphic Adapter anymore :D

I'm fairly new to all of this so apologies for my questions, thanks in advance guys! Super stoked to be apart of this with you guys!  8)

Below is the look I'm trying to go for or come close to:

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