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I compiled this code in digic6-dumper branch. This is not ML, but 2 features with which the M50 is more useful.
maybe there is something to turn on Dual Pixel AF in 4k mode? M6 ii and 90D with Digic 8 have this DPAF, so it can be locked in our firmware

thanks! its perfect now :) all 46/48/50 fps  8)

video with settings, you can see all in 2 minutes, after i tried different settings.

i use 25fps in canon menu, but tried 24 and 30, nothing change

hi guys, can you help me? in latest build i can't get working 1080hf in crop mode. i'm choosing 1080hf, full sensor works ok, but when i toogle to crop pressing SET button, picture becomes green/violet(different segments). i tried everything, changing bit, aspect rations, fps, etc. all menu tabs and different settings. but no luck in crop mode.
in previous builds it was ok by choosing slowmo 1080 crop mode from menu or slowmo 1080 + press set button.
What i'm doing wrong? thanks for advice!

crop_rec and derived builds / Re: Danne's crop_rec_4k experiments for EOS M
« on: December 04, 2019, 09:09:08 PM »
have few questions.
1. crop mode 14 bit 1736x976 30 fps - on the top some transparent/pink bar + on highlights color flicker. is it real to fix or why this happens?

2. where is 5k(3.5k) anamorphic mode 24/25 fps? can't find=( only 12-18 fps

3. i bought sandisk extreme pro 95mb 256gb card, as a lot of people said that this is the best solution. yep, card is pretty good, works better in a lot of real time fps modes, then my samsung evo microsd+adapter.
BUT main reason was slow mo modes. all slow mo modes work the same and show me only max card speed 45-46 mb. while real time fps show 50-57mb.
1736x976 slow mo 46fps = 5 seconds only + some dropped frames.
can't understand why slow mo modes decrease card speed more than 10mb/s

thanks for any thoughts

New version:

- Movie restart always enabled when recording h264. DonĀ“t see any reason for having it disabled?

Please test @kuchka94

Works perfect! Thank you!

Movie restart only for raw in this build if I recall correctly. Might add back for h264
yes, please, add for h264, it will be great! thank you!

Hi! Thanks for your work! Latest builds works better and better=)
But I can't find in this builds video record restart, I need to take some footage more than 30 min.
Movie restart under raw tab doesn't work, I use H264 record.

made tests for different iso, 100-800, on direct sun.
in every shoot black sun problem appears with white level 16200.
white level 13500 solve everything in every shoot.
for another shoots without sun white level 16200 is good.

Well, could you upload a sample file? Also, is this happening in for instance ACR? Did you compare other NLE;s?
sorry, can't understand meaning of ACR and NLE with my english)))
uploaded 3 mlv files, all of them have same issue, so i think in every footage with direct sun it can appear.

hi! made some test videos yesterday and made footage to test black sun issue, found that it not gone, there is some gray colors, that turn to pink if you try to move highlights even few steps down.
there's video about issue to show you what i mean
august 09 build, raw mcm rewire, 14 bit lossless

I tested that way:
Choose raw footage size and proportions and see demand of the speed in the bottom. For example 36mb.
After start record and see at the top right color of timer, if red - speed is not enough for 36mb/s footage, if yellow - almost enough, green - continuous footage.
So for my case on jul 03 2018 build I had settings for 55-60mb/s footage, and green, times yellow, timer, that allowed me get continuous shoots.
But now I have red and yellow timer, and footage stops on settings 30mb/s.
For me that means that sd uhs module doesn't work.

Using build 16 may, and I can say that sd uhs module doesn't work for me. Speed is near 30 mb. Can't test exactly, there is no bench module.
Jul03 2018 with module + script give me near 57mb.
When I load old module + script on 16 may build, it start to work fine, so I can get continuous footage in RAW.

Great :)
But do you know, why everything works fine on nightly 2018 Jul 03?
This bug was dated in 2014... Why it is now here in latest builds?

Please more info about not being able to take photos. Tried reinstall ml? Clear camera settings? Are you even in photo mode?
About photo:
Tried to clear camera settings, reinstall ML, I'm in photo mode of course.
On latest builds camera can't took photos with kit lens 18-55I'm.
When I try to make photo, camera start try to make focus AF, after pressing shutter button - no reaction. Photo doesn't make.
I tried it in all focus modes, if, af, mf+af,  tried to change different settings and it didn't work.
When I enable shoot by taping on screen - camera seems try to make and stuck on that moment. Live View work, show real time picture, but camera stuck and didn't react on any buttons or screen taps.
After pulling out battery, I restarted camera, it shows that modules not loaded, and in this mode after few times suddenly pulling out battery, camera in some times can make photo as everything is ok. IMPORTANT - it happen not every time, and it very hard to catch that moment.
I thought, maybe problem in modules - disabled every module, but it didn't work. As at the start.
On fully manual lens photo start to work, and seems everything to be ok. I just turn on shutter without lens option, in C.Fn settings. But it don't work for kit lens.

On nightly 2018 Jul 03 everything works perfectly out of the box, after install, without any manipulation.

So, I think that maybe this is problem with working together with kit lens, but I don't understand why, what's a problem.

Video works ok on that lens.

Hi! I'm in your family now=)
Thank you for your work, that's amazing!

I have problem on all latest builds - I can't make photo!
Is this problem that called SHUTTER BUG?

On Nightly.2018Jul03 everything is ok with photo.

So am I right, that latest builds can be used only for video mode?
And no chance to use it in photo?

On this latest builds not working SD UHS module out of the box, seems like it doesn't load, I turned on it, but it doesn't appear in debug menu.
So i used ftom another builds. And on new builds i don't see script for loading sd module. So i took from older build)
Is it ok? Or something wrong on my side?

Just have my cam few days, sorry for novice questions...
Thank you for reply!

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