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Other experimental builds / Re: dfort's experiments for 7D Mark I
« on: January 20, 2022, 07:10:07 PM »
LOW LIGHT examples from 10 bit mode. All footage ISO 800+. some shots lack contrast as lens was wide open
canon 7d magiclantern-raw_video_10bit_12bit_LVState.2019May15.7D203
Inside scenes were all ISO 1600. lighting was poor, fluorescent tubes with LED's overhead, I thought the footage held up and still looks pleasant depite the different sources.


I use on my 7d with the magiclantern-raw_video_10bit_12bit_LVState.2019May15.7D203 (Dfort)
It works quite well even at high resolutions (10bit) but the big drawback is that the framing during recording (preview option) in ML Grayscale mode remains frozen.
In "Canon" mode the framing is smooth but much too zoomed in to be really usable.
Do you know of a version for the 7d that does not have this defect?
If so can you give me the link?

Thank you anticipating your answer.

(sorry for my English coming from a translator)

I've tested this just now on my 7d, we share the same build and the problem persists on mine. I think it's due to this build but I'll take the working 10bit over dodgy 2k!
I reckon best way would be take a few test shots to get your reference before the take. or use greyscale for reference then back to canon for recording- Don't know about you but I only use 2k on static landscapes or cityscapes due to exaggerated CMOS slush lol, so it wouldn't slow the workflow much?

Other experimental builds / Re: dfort's experiments for 7D Mark I
« on: December 20, 2021, 01:48:31 PM »
Using Dfort's Last 7D build.
10 bit MLV to ARRI LOG C prores LT in MLV APP
From there I edit in premiere, grade with Filmconvert Nitrate (FUJI 8563 stock) and export as 4k to spoof youtube into adding decent bitrate


Resolution was the maximum for 16:9 capture: 1728x972. This can be increased to 1728 x 1152 if you shoot in 3:2 (max resolution the 7D can achieve without x3 crop AFAIK). I may well shoot in 3:2 for a future video, the cost being some black bars on the sides.
I don't touch any buffer settings as I've not encountered any problems with continous recording. I have however changed the liveview settings to use canons view (this stops magic lantern from putting the liveview to black and white when zooming in to confirm focus)

The 44-2 works perfectly on a full frame body, though don't expect razor sharp corners wide open (even my APS-C gets soft around the edge at F2) so you may find F5.6+ works better if global sharpness is a big concern.
you will need an M42 to canon EF adapter. these can be bought very inexpensively, mine was made by Neewer.



The 44-2 is a very capable lens for video.
Having the stepless aperture ring is nice, and the focus ring is as smooth as butter.
IQ is very good, some of the sharpest old glass in it's price range.
Build quality is outstanding, no rattles or loose parts - you could practically use it as a hammer, lol.

Some things to note:
Stepless aperture is easy to nudge so be aware.
Focus ring has a long travel (270 degrees) so you get a work out pulling focus.
there is an unpainted ring inside the 44-2 that causes flaring wide open, stop down a step and it fixes it.

Overall a very fun lens, with a very fun price tag. I paid £30 for mine and the only time it leaves my 7D is when I need to get close and use my Sigma Superwide II 24mm
I shoot 10 bit @ 23.976p (low jello mode) on DForts may build.

First post here, been lurking a few months trying to learn everything I can about ML and I think it's time to show off some 10 bit footage!
A big shoutout to Dfort, thank you for everything you've put into these builds!

Video shot on Canon 7D
Lens was Helios 44-2 + ND
No Grade
Processing was as follows:
7D 10 bit > MLVAPP (LOG-C) > Prores 422 > Adobe Premiere (LOG-C to REC709) > 4k blow up > HEVC

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