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I disagree , 5k Anamorphic in x5 Zoom is the most important thing to me (adtg hook problem), Lossless compression is way down on my priority list .
This is my priorities :Get 50D in to the crop_rec code at the same level as the 5D2 (including Anamorphic)
5D2:  5k Anamorphic in x5 Zoom (works in the adtg_gui module) adtg hook write problem in crop_rec code
CF Card interface bus Overclocking write speed (looking for at least 100MB/s write speed , 30% increase to be useful)
Lossless compression for 5d2 & 50d
And at the bottom ....
7D with limited "rom hack" extended  horizontal  resolutions (maybe 3k)

Edit: FYI 50D maximum resolution @ 24fps ( with a good A.R.)  in crop_mode 3200x1254 @ 24.011 fps = to 100.7 Mpixel/s ( Mega Pixels per second)
Sensor speed on the 50D is 28.8 MPixel/s x 4 channel readout = 115.2MPixel/s
Still have a vertical offset problem , only 1087 vertical pixels are visible out of 1254 (the other 167 lines are black no image data)
may need to do a dm_spy log for cr2/full res liveview height to see what regs are being applied .

Ofcourse, working 5K would be even better than 4K :)

It would be great to have 4k anamorphic working without bugs. I would say 4k anamorphic is second most  important thing after losless compression for 5d mkii. At least for me.

I tested latest 31.jan update on 3008x1074 @ 23.98 fps.
Now the motion is ok, as 23.98 fps should be. I can record ~18 sec without dropped frames.
And mlv sound also goes one on one with picture.

I hope you can somehow make crop preset with increased vertical resolution more than 1074 :)

Thank you reddeercity for your work!
I can use my old canon 5D mkII for filming my kids in 3k now :)

I tested it, filmed many clips. Strange, but when i play the clips on my pc it plays in fast motion. It looks like in reality 3008x1074 is filmed in ~17 fps, but compressed in 23.976 and plays back in fast motion.
Try it yourself. Film some animal or human, you will see it will play back not in normal pace but in fast motion.

I calculated real file size vs time, and it is ~99 MB/s. But when i film, the camera display shows me ~72 MB/s.

p.s. 2880x1080 10bit worked perfect for me, with normal motion as 23.976 supposed to work.

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