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That's the one

Look thanks for the reply I appreciate it
Thanks again do u know the latest builds from danne and all those downloads

Where have they gone
It was in bitbicket
Sorry I mean the magic lantern firmware for the 5d 2
Hey guys been a while since I was on here
Hiw can I down load the latest firmware for the mark 2 the download section is gone
Quote from: Danne on August 04, 2020, 06:01:33 AM
Mp4? You mean MOV or can it record with both formats?
If on my build select h264 from the tap screen menu. What does it say in canon menu when you check for audio settings?
If still not solved do a screen recording of what's in your menus.

Yes sorry .mov
yes its your latest build
the canon audio menu it is enabled
ill try that now

thanks again
Hey guys
No sound when recording mp4

I tried go play around with the settings but I csnt figure it out

There is no sound when recording if I disable raw video

Any clues
Thanks for the help
will look into it soon
Hey all really need a bit of help.

I have an eos m. I noticed that there is a few dead pixels
i use mlvfs and i used all the options to get rid and there is still one little white dot left in near the middle

any help would be appreciated

hey all
hope someone can help
i have a 5d mark 3 with 1.3.6 firmware.

Is there any way i can downgrade the firmware to 1.2.3
Nice 1
I appreciate it
Hey guys
Just wondering if I can go past 3200 iso
There is a few occasions I need to go past and it says max iso reached

Why is this and can I change it
Hey guys need a little help

I am using my eos m and I cant figure out
How do I change the bit rate to 12bit lossless and 10bit lossless

I dont seem to be able to find it anymore
Thanks true

Look guys thanks a mill
I sold my eos m about 6 months back
And I had a 70d then a 6d then a 5d 3 and last of all a 5d4

An I am back at the most trusted camera I ever owned

I have a 24 to 70 f4 and I am loving it

Thanks again
Hey guys any one know how to get rid of 3 or 4 red pixels in my raw video

I have a different eos m
And it has some bad pixels
I did the bad pixel fix in mlvfs
But is there an easier way
Thanks for your help I really appreciate it
hey all

just got a 70d

hoping if someone could help
is there a safe build that i can dowload to lossless video with sound

i looked an am not totaly sure
Hi everybody where will I download the latest 5D Mark III firmware for magic lantern I know Dani updates the eos m

I am just wondering is there any new and improved firmware for the 5D Mark III

The x3 toggle
I never knew I needed it until now
It's so handy
And the shutter botton is fine its handy to have there

Well done danne
Quote from: Jip-Hop on July 01, 2019, 08:46:16 AM
Is anybody using the SanDisk Extreme PRO - 256 GB - SDXC UHS-I - 95 MB/'s card? And is it any good for continuous recording?

Thata the exact one I have
I get continuous record no problem

Handles video very well