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Feature Requests / Use scene modes as custom modes
« on: March 15, 2019, 07:30:40 AM »
This is mainly relevant for cameras without C1/C2/C3 modes.

One of the features of 400plus was to store all the settings (AV, TV, M) mode, exposure, ISO, flash, and some 400plus settings. Then you could assign these settings to a scene mode on the mode dial, e. g. Sports, Landscape, Portrait. When the mode dial was turned to that scene mode the 400plus changed all the settings to the assigned preset within a second.

This effectively gave me more custom modes on the 400D than I could ever use. I never needed more than three.

Related seem to be Exposure Presets and Config Presets.

I haven't seen the assignment of presets to the mode dial.
Another main difference to exposure presets seems to be that the mode shall be changed (AV, TV, M).

Use case: I shoot backstage at an event where lighting is known (and difficult), but in the breaks I encounter different situations (inside, outside, different light). So I quickly want to toggle between M and Tv with some other settings, flash and ISO related, as well. Since the event location is very dark I avoid to use the LCD screen as much as possible, another advantage of the mode dial!

As I own a 77D now that has no custom modes that was my motivation to check out ML. I can live without this capability, I'm no pro photographer, or else I would have bought another camera... But still it would be so nice to be able to reassign the scene modes, which are useless for me.

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