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Just converted my RAW footage via the ACR -> Cinelog -> DxHD 444 process and it looks like it's a killer combo :)
The only thing that is a bit annoying is the time for processing and exporting that is way slower than the Resolve.

Come back to post some graded results to you guys as soon as I've finished the editing and my current job ;)

Seems to work pretty well for a 0,5 version ;)

Edit : Windows 8.1 64bits

@Andy600 My mistake, I've check the file and my workflow was wrong, it was just BMC log applied to DNG which result in purple fringes on a black shiny pant ... ok I'm a bit extreme ! :P


Just bought the Cinelog package and started to test it.
Seems to be very good when used with ACR compared to BMC to Cinelog export in Resolve (weird colors an things)

For the moment my top workflow is ACR + neat export to DnxHD 444for grading. I keep testing

Great job guys ! :)

User Introduction / Hello from France
« on: April 16, 2014, 04:49:30 PM »
Hi everybody,

My name is Sylvain I work as a director and photographer within a collective called 3Gentlemen (
Next week we go ML RAW for our promo short movie, so we'll have the opportunity to test whitout to much stress before going into production.

I will give you feedback (and images !  :D ) of the process and workflow.

And a big "Thank's" to all the ML team for doing such a tremendous work, keep the pressure ! :)

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