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One of the ROMs is very slow, so it takes a while. Updated the binaries to skip that step.

@ 200D/6D2/77D owners: please check whether the new dumpers are still working (same link, top of the page).

new dumper starting to work immediately, rom1.bin identically same priveous files, rom0.bin have slightly differences which has been seen all rom0.bin file.It's look like a block shifting flaws causing newlines.And you know where to find ;)

P.S. just got a cool feature request - audio output to Bluetooth headphones. Not tempting enough for me to get another camera, but if any of you is willing to look into it, I'll be here to help (at least with the reverse engineering side).

Are you sure digic7 cameras have  hardware support for Bluetooth 4.0 BR/EDR? 200d canon firmware support only bluetooth low energy and there is no profile for audio headsets.But i've found a low energy supported hid profile gamepad for playing mario :D 

So I don't need my STM32 Discovery and phototransistors anymore? :-( :-D

Is there any working project file code?

No, it would be a FIR crafted specifically for this camera (I can create one on request).


Hi alex, you can send me blink test for eos200d, i will try it :)

Tried scanning 0xD2080000 - 0xD2081FFC and 0xD2080000 - 0xD20BFFFC on a 77D, with led_on = 0x20D0002 and led_off = 0x20C0003 (based on the above info). No success.

Would be helpful (for all D7 models) if a 200D owner would be willing to run the LED blinking test, since it's the only model with a known LED address.

Is  this generic one?

Answered at

Canon released a firmware update for eos 200d but Firload can't decrypt it.Is another solution is avaible?

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