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Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 750D
August 27, 2021, 08:19:29 AM
Jokes on us.  The devs here don't care and those who do have moved on to Digic 7 and 8 processors.  I've had this camera doing nothing in a box since 2017!  Taking a sledgehammer to it.  It's not worth the aggrivation using it without ML or waiting on anybody here to hack the damn thing.
Hey all.

It's been a couple of years since any news has come out about the T6i.  Is this officially a wash for ML or is it still in development.  I have a T6i and have only used it once in the last 2 years simply for lack of ML and its constricting shooting.  Ready to crash and frag the bugger - where are we at folks?
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 750D
December 06, 2017, 04:19:39 AM
Well my T7i had a issue and wound up coming home with a new but older T6i.  Exactly where is everybody at on the development.  Just in the few minutes I've played with this thing the firmware is glitchy. 
Okay.  Just got off the phone with Canon.  No good news.  According to their techs, the company has NO PLANS to release a firmware update for this model until 2019!!!  Could be a lie, but if it is, the company's personnel told it.  Sucks to be us I guess as the new kids on the block.

Having said that, is it still possible to go forward and try to figure out a ML for this model?  I'm somewhat skeptical it will happen since the T6i hasn't had any good luck thus far, along with other models that have been out there on the block longer than this one with the newer chipsets.  Al3x has already said he isn't going to invest the time/energy into building newer model MLs from scratch leaving the burden on others, but most of us are just not coders/assemblers/hackers like that.  At most I think you have more script kiddies at the site's disposal than actual hardcore coders that know enough C++, Python, or Linux enough to be viable.  If I had 2 of these I'd be willing to try, but with only one as my daily driver for projects I can't afford a brick tinkering with it.   

I've trolled a little bit in the forums trying to see if there were any people actively figuring this out and so far there hasn't been a lot of discussion threads about the 800D.  But from what I've seen this is all I've been able to answer:
1.  Chipset is Digic7.  Haven't found on the forums yet whether or not there is a specific dumper for this digic, as what digic6 has.
2.  Can't open the camera to take pics of the hardware; don't have the right bits for these screws and that's sad considering I tried 25 different pieces.
3.  Dont have a  multimeter / Arduino / oscilloscope / whatever to hook to an external power supply.
4.  JTAG port can't say yay or nay because of #2. 

User Introduction / Greetings.
December 03, 2017, 01:13:18 AM
Joined to try and mingle to get support for my brand new canon 800D.  Hello!