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It creates a DCP file @koopg? Currently there's no way to input DCP files in MLVApp. Are you using this to get correct white balance? Try a simple 18% gray card... MLVApp has a WB picker.

I requested this before here and here, but upon some reading of the RT code, the Lab feature requires many core functions. Might be really difficult to adapt it to mlvapp.
@2blackbar The feature CIECAM02 in advanced tab can be a better way to bring correct saturation to shadows. Instead of using a "film-like" curve, try to increase "Brightness + Colorfulness (QM)" in CIECAM first. From my tests, this method of correcting exposure adapts shadow/highlight saturation very well already. Sometimes it's not even necessary to use Lab adjustments...
Not just white balance
Its making all colors acuurate.
You are going to have true colors
So i can batch have all clips true color
Ready to be grade evenly

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crop_rec and derived builds / Re: Danne's crop_rec_4k & ISO experiments
« on: December 31, 2019, 10:06:29 PM »
I meant something else. not focus and not zoom.
in the experimental buildm my preview was realtime and when press+Hold '*' I get framing preview .
the change you suggested does help with the x10 but not bringing back old method. maybe it was a settings I did some how and don't remember how.
but I can totally live without it.

I made a few more test, and everything work like charm.

this build is the best new year  gift :)
Happy new year

crop_rec and derived builds / Re: Danne's crop_rec_4k & ISO experiments
« on: December 30, 2019, 09:51:05 PM »
just download an tested
5d mark 3
version 1.2.3

I am really impressed.

my 'C' days are over long ago, (I do python as a qa automation developer)
I never was a videographer, only stills.
my English should get better
and when reading here I can understand one every two sentences
so please forgive me in advanced

the only issue
experimentals and your build from April (I belive) as well gave me an option to set live view and when pressing '*' I could frame my shot
it worked on all profiles. however on this build when pressed I get a x10 zoom which will not go away after release, and if I pressed many times on '*'
and the 'zoom' button It went away but image is broken, ML menue will not open an nothing else is working until restart

thank you so much for this it's all really  amazing that I don't really care if this would be fixed
5k raw video from 5d3, and continueas, and live view ! what else it would shoot rockets to space :)

amazing! !!!!!!!

few questions. . .

what is 'crop rec preview'  should it be on?
why in video menu it say '12 bit' and raw video menue say '14 bit'?
what is 'shutter range' I never sew this. logic tells me variable fps but didn't we had this all ready  ?
what iso is optimal?

and last I do not own anamorphic lenses, I shot my doter using the anamorphic 5k and let mlvapp do its own streaching magic
I don't see distortion and the frames look AMAZING, do I need an eye doctor ?
is it disorted in a way I don't see it ?
what am I missing ? 

great app first of all.

recently I have bought a spider color checker.
it comes with a software that can export color profile for you cam + lens after taking a raw picture of a color plate.
this could be achieved using a  stand alone software or a plug in for lightroom.

is there a possible way to use this color profile under MLV app ?

Hi there,

Was very excited to install the new experimental crop_rec_4k firmware on my 5D3 (fw1.2.3) with fast Lexar 1066x cards (which have been faultless over the years).

I am not interested in the (heavily compromised) 4K recording options. I’ve been using Magic Lantern for years now and I am simply excited to be able to shoot high quality 48fps or 60fps with 3x3 binning. But in spite of reading a lot of forum posts and paying for a guide, I cannot seem to find the correct settings: every different combination of settings I try gives me less than 10sec recording time…

To be clear, I want to:
-Shoot either 48fps or 60fps (at 1080p or 800p respectively) on my 5D3 (fw1.2.3) with 3x3 pixel binning
-Shoot continuous (or for at least a minute)
-Have a real-time preview (either on-camera screen or external HDMI screen)

Is this possible and what are the specific settings I need to use?

Thank you in advance!!

can I join the boat ? I am interested as well

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